4 Birth Months Who Won’t Wait For You To Be ‘Ready For A Relationship’
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4 Birth Months Who Won’t Wait For You To Be ‘Ready For A Relationship’

Some people are happy to wait for you, no matter how long it takes for you to get comfortable with the idea of a relationship. But others aren’t that patient. They aren’t going to stick around forever. It’s either now or never with them. Here are the birth months who aren’t going to wait until you’re ready for a relationship and will simply move on:


People born in April are impatient. Even though they might want you badly today, they’re going to lose interest if you keep making them wait for a date. They’re going to find someone new who captures their attention, someone who is actually prepared to give them the love that they deserve. People born during this month aren’t interested in wasting time because they want to be as productive as humanly possible. So you can’t expect them to sit around, waiting for you to be ready for a relationship. You can’t expect them to base their lives around you. Maybe in the future the timing will be right and they’ll happily give you another chance. But they won’t intentionally stay single in the hopes you’re going to change your mind soon.


People born in June are going to choose whatever feels best for themselves in the moment. They prioritize their own happiness, and sitting around waiting for someone who may or may not decide to date them in the future isn’t going to make them happy. It would only prolong their pain. So even if they really like you, they aren’t going to wait around forever for you. They aren’t going to hold onto the hope that you’ll make them happy in the future when there are no guarantees. They’re more focused on the present, and right now, you aren’t willing to give them what they deserve. So they are going to walk away, even though it’ll be hard, even though it’ll hurt.


People born in November are pretty pessimistic. So if you tell them you’re not ready for a relationship right now, they’re going to assume you’re trying to let them down easy. They’re going to assume it’s a line without any truth in it. Even if you genuinely mean it when you say you need to work on yourself and would be open to a relationship with them in the future, people born in November aren’t going to bet on you following through. They would rather find someone who is ready for them from the start, who treats them right from day one, who doesn’t want to wait another second to start their love story.


People born in January don’t deal well with rejection. It hurts too much to subject themselves to heartbreak again and again — especially over the same person. So if you turn them down once, they’re going to try their best to move on. They aren’t going to give you more opportunities to hurt them. They aren’t going to sit around waiting for you to come to your senses and realize what a catch they are. If you can’t see this from the start, then they will find someone who can. Someone who would never leave them waiting for a text or attention. Someone who gives them everything they deserve, and more.