Brandon Woelfel

4 Concrete Signs They’re Not Your Forever (They’re A Soul Crossing)

A “soul crossing” is a type of soulmate, and a profound one at that. However, a soul crossing is a relationship that is not built for longevity. It will always fizzle out because it was never meant to last. That is not a soul crossing’s purpose.

While a soul crossing can be romantic or platonic, this article will focus on the romantic type of soul crossing. Here are four concrete signs you’re experiencing a soul crossing (not a forever relationship).

1. You haven’t known each other long (but connected immediately).

Like all soulmates, there was an innate sense of familiarity when you met your soul crossing. You clicked effortlessly, almost as if you were reuniting from some other lifetime. And despite the short amount of time you’ve shared together, you are already incredibly close and have formed a strong bond.

2. You both know the partnership isn’t realistic in a long-term sense.

For example, maybe you are both are living in the same city but only temporarily. Or perhaps they’re about to move away for their job. It seems as though the situational factors are the only thing standing in the way because everything else is just amazing.

On that note…

3. Despite the lack of promise, it still is a healthy, happy relationship.

You communicate openly, have fun together, and trust them. Even though you know deep down that this person isn’t your forever, you understand that this relationship still means something big, something real.

4. If there was one way you could describe them, it is “right person, wrong time.”

Finally, you know you’ve found your soul crossing if you would describe them as the “right person, wrong time.” Your soul crossing will change you, teach you, and love you during your time together. And that is more than enough.