Jakob Wandel

4 Concrete Signs You Are (Actually) Ready To Heal

Here are four concrete signs you are (actually) ready to heal.

1. You are finally admitting that you have not been okay.

You cannot fix what is broken if you do not even acknowledge it is broken, right? Instead of continuing to push yourself forward and pretending that everything is “just fine,” you are at long last being honest with yourself that you have been in a lot of pain. You are finally acknowledging that you cannot keep going forward with this much ache in your chest.

2. You have told your loved ones you need help.

You have reached out to family and friends to let them know that you have been struggling and will need to lean on them while you put your pieces back together. This is a sign you are truly ready to heal because it can be incredibly difficult to tell others that you need their support. It can feel “easier” to just do everything on your own. But the truth of that matter is that you cannot heal without the support of other people, and by telling your support system you need them, this shows you understand you need to heal and are prepared to do the work necessary to do so.

3. You have stopped suppressing “bad feelings.”

For example, you have stopped trying to numb your sadness, anger, jealousy, etc. because you realize that these emotions are messengers and will help you know exactly where it is that needs healing. You are ready to face the discomfort of feeling everything you do head on.

4. You are starting to understand your own role in your healing.

And this role is not that you caused your own hurt or that you somehow deserve it. Rather, you now realize that your role is to take control of your healing. You fully understand that the bad things that happened to you were not at all your fault, but that does not mean you are exempt from healing from those painful experiences. You know that it will be hard work but you are ready to get better. To heal. To become whole once again.