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Change Your Sad Feelings, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We’ve all heard of the term “high vibe” by now, right? But what exactly does that mean? Let me explain. When we speak about being in a high vibrational state, this actually equates to the speed at which our bodies are vibrating at.

You see, everything around us, from the chair you’re sitting in to the coffee you’re holding to our very bodies, is made up of vibrating energy. Right down to the atom. Consider something like the emotional guidance scale, discussed by the likes of Abraham Hicks and Gabrielle Bernstein—when we feel emotions such as happiness, joy, optimism, hope, and even gratitude, we vibrate at a faster rate.

Our bodies literally vibrated at a high speed.

Likewise, when we’re experiencing emotions such as grief, depression, upset—those emotions at the bottom of the guidance scale—we vibrate at a slower rate.

It feels slightly more scientific than spiritual now, doesn’t it?

So, when you’re vibrating at a higher frequency, just like a magnet, we attract things into our lives that keep us at that vibration. The things that make us happy. The moments that put a smile on our face. People who are vibrating at a similar level.

Have you ever been to a party and felt magnetized to a particular person? That’s probably because you’re vibrating at the same frequency. Your body is tuning into theirs.

But how do we actually raise our vibration to a frequency that will help us manifest our biggest dreams into reality if we’re feeling a little down in the dumps? Let’s take a look at one thing you could do which would be perfectly inline with your star sign.


Drawn to physical activity and their passion for keeping fit, dancing is the perfect way for Aries to raise their vibration. It doesn’t need to be regular dance lessons, either; even turning your favorite music on and moving while you’re making breakfast in the morning is a great way to shift your energy to start the day. Plus, moving without structure—rather, allowing the body to flow—is used as a somatic technique to release stored emotions, especially around your hips. As cliche as it sounds, it really is time to dance like no one is watching. 


Using all of their senses, from taste to touch to smell and more, a Taurus loves the finer things in life, including food. A great way to raise your vibrations under this Zodiac sign? Cooking. Spending time in the kitchen with fresh ingredients, candles lit, and a glass of something delicious to whet the appetite on the go is a little slice of heaven for the Tauruses among us. Why not team it with a group of close friends for an evening of high vibes and tasty food.? 


Geminis are known for their curious, social nature, which means something like exploring a new city is the ideal way to shift their energetic state. Why not grab your partner or friends, jump in the car for a road trip, and head to somewhere you’ve never visited before? With their intelligent and charming nature, even if a Gemini gets lost, it won’t be long until you find yourself in the hottest spot with a drink in hand and a tale to tell people when you return home. What a high vibe way to spend the weekend. 


Considering a Cancer’s vivid imagination, curling up with a good book for the afternoon could be their idea of heaven. Creating a reading nook at home, complete with bean bag, pile of books, a hot chocolate, and reading lamp also caters for the Cancer’s homebody personality trait. Block out time in your schedule one Sunday afternoon to do nothing but read and allow yourself to get lost in your favorite book. Watch how your energy begins to shift once you allow yourself that space and time.


Reconnecting to our inner child is a powerful way of raising our vibrations, especially when it’s doing something we loved to do during our childhood. Think painting, running outside, or even making paper clothes for our dolls. And what does a person under the Leo zodiac sign find joy in? Expressing themselves in a creative way! What did you used to like to do as a child? How can you do more of that now? Maybe it’s a paint-by-numbers or even a jigsaw? Maybe it’s pottery or sewing? Time to get your creative juices flowing again, Leo. 


If a Virgo’s environment is messy, then it could potentially cause their vibrations to slow down dramatically. A cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind, meaning our manifestations might not be able to get through to us for all of the energetic blocks we’ve put in place. This is why decluttering is essential to manifesting! While it might not sound like the highest vibe activity to do, Virgos find pleasure in cleaning, organizing, and making their homes a place of beauty. If you really want to raise a Virgo’s vibration, let them watch The Home Edit on Netflix or get lost down the storage aisle at Target. 


With their romantic flair and love of all things beautiful, booking yourself into a spa or a hotel for the night is the ultimate in high vibe activities for a Libra. Of course, the aesthetics have to be *chefs kiss*, which is why this particular zodiac sign spends so much time researching the best accommodation, weighing up the pros and cons before finally booking. However, once they’ve found the most Instagrammable spot, their vibrations are raised from the moment they walk through the door with each treatment, bite to eat, soft fluffy robe, and moment spent diving deep into a luxurious queen size bed. 


Defined by their passionate nature, it’s time for Scorpios to get a little frisky between the sheets if they are looking to raise their vibrations. Pleasure of any kind, whether that be with a partner or self-pleasure, is the perfect way to increase your energetic state and put a smile on your face. Lean into however you feel at your sexiest—and remember, that doesn’t need to be what social media tells us is ‘attractive’. Maybe your passionate side comes out to play when you’re wearing your comfies, or perhaps you feel better in your birthday suit. Trust your own body and what it is craving. 


With the open minded and intuitive side to your personality, as a Sagittarius, raising your vibrations can come from something on the more spiritual end of the scale—perhaps having a full body Reiki treatment or crystal healing and massage. Holistic treatments like this are designed to help move stagnant and residual energy through the body, clearing blockages and allowing fresh energy to come in. What happens when we allow fresh energy to move through the body? We vibrate at a higher frequency and have more clarity over what we’d like to call into our lives. 


It’s time for Capricorns to get green fingered and raise their vibrations by creating some form of garden oasis. Spending time outdoors, planting and pruning, can have a dramatic effect on your mood. However, that doesn’t mean those Capricorns without outdoor spaces can’t get involved—even planting herbs on your window ledge, spending time nurturing each sprout that makes its way to the surface of the soil, is a great way of naturally raising your vibrations. Plus, indoor plants have been scientifically proven to lower stress levels, so regardless of how you embrace the green life, you’ll still receive the benefits.


If you’re an Aquarius reading this, you’ll agree that mental stimulation is something you desire. Once a job is finished, you automatically go in search of something else to fill your time, and being left with nothing to do is one sure fire way for your vibrations to lower. In order to raise those vibrations, why not look at starting a side hobby, a passion project if you like, to sink your teeth into, stimulate your mind, and help you lean into your creative side once again. Grab a pen and paper and begin to list all of your passion project ideas to see which you feel the most aligned to right now. 


It feels obvious to link Pisces, the sign of the fish, to being by the water. But truly, those under the Pisces zodiac sign can feel an incredible affinity to being by the sea, lakes, and rivers, so what better way to raise your vibrations than taking a picnic to your closest spot of water. The essential ingredients for any high vibe picnic are a soft blanket, a basket filled with sharing snacks, and soft piano music playing in the background to not distract you from your surroundings.