4 Zodiacs Who Seem Coldhearted (Who Are Secretly Sweethearts)
Natali Hordiiuk

4 Intimidating Zodiacs Who Are Warm Once You Get To Know Them

Some zodiacs are hesitant to wear their hearts on their sleeves. They don’t want the world to sense their vulnerability so they put on a mask. They pretend they’re cold when they’re secretly super sweet. Here are some zodiacs who might come across as detached at first, but are actually incredibly kind and sweet:


Scorpio, you keep your walls high. You don’t let anyone break through until they prove themselves because you don’t want to end up with a broken heart. You might come across as cold at first because you aren’t going to act buddy-buddy with someone that you barely know. You aren’t the type to share your whole life story on a whim. You need to know that you can really trust someone before you open your heart up to them and let them see the real, authentic you. Of course, even though you might seem coldhearted to strangers, the people who you actually consider friends understand that you are one of the kindest (and most sensitive) people that are out there.


Capricorns take themselves seriously, especially when they’re around strangers. You aren’t going to let your hair down and act silly in public because you care too much about your image. You want to come across as strong and stoic, which is why strangers might mistake you for being coldhearted and intimidating. However, once you know you can trust someone, you’ll let your walls come crashing down. You’ll be super sweet and genuine. After all, you would do anything for your loved ones. You’ll be there at any time of night or day. You’ll drop anything in order to help them out. Even though you seem standoffish at first, you are the sweetest person in the world once you grow to trust someone, once you know they are worth your time and energy. 


Aries, you are always putting on a show. You don’t want anyone to see your weak points, so you pretend that nothing bothers you. You pretend that you’ve got everything figured out and that words never hurt you. But the truth is, you are super sensitive. You take everything others say to heart because you care deeply about the way you are viewed. You want attention and admiration, even though you would never admit it. Although you like to pretend that you’re highly independent and don’t need anyone else, you care deeply about your friends and family. You think about them more than you would ever admit. And you would do absolutely anything to make them smile. You can be pretty nasty to people who rub you the wrong way, but when it comes to your loved ones, you are the biggest sap.


You come across as emotionally detached because you express your feelings in a different way than most people. You typically show your love through actions over words, which can make others confused about where you stand. But the people who know you the best understand that you are a total sweetheart. You are sentimental and always pay close attention to what your loved ones need. Even though you are pretty independent and would never call yourself a people-pleaser, you would do anything within your power to keep your family and friends happy. They mean everything to you.