Jakob Wandel

4 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re A Capricorn

Here are four things people don’t realize you’re doing because you’re a Capricorn.

1. Having high standards.

Capricorn has high standards, both for themselves and others. They only want the best of the best and to be the best of the best. Capricorn doesn’t believe in settling for anyone or anything. They want what they want and refuse to accept less than that.

2. Being incredibly career-driven.

A Capricorn likes to get stuff done and get it done well, especially at work. Capricorn has big goals for themselves and is incredibly driven to make those dreams become reality. They are willing to fight tooth and nail to get the major promotion, to win the award, to land the book deal, etc.

3. Taking a long time to trust others.

Capricorn operates on the rule that trust is earned, not given. They need to see that someone is truly trustworthy before they fully open up. People may take Capricorn’s reserved and cautious nature as being stand-offish and even a bit cold, but it is only because they are protecting themselves. Because once they do let their guard down, Capricorn is incredibly loving, loyal, and kind.

4. Expecting the worst case scenario.

Capricorn has a tendency to be rather pessimistic. They often will list everything that could go wrong first before they’d even consider that something could go right. They do this as a means of tempering their expectations and protecting themselves from disappointment.