4 Truths About Dating A Taurus, Virgo, Or Capricorn

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, the earth signs of the Zodiac, are known for their grounded and resourceful nature. These signs bring about balance and steadiness in their relationships. Some of the most dependable souls you’ll meet, avoid taking these signs for granted, as their loyalty and presence are gifts few and far between.

Taurus is the first earth sign of the Zodiac. Taurus is known for their love of stability and sensuality, associated with being down-to-earth and dependable. Virgo comes next, and as a mutable sign, is attentive to detail and contains a drive for perfection and service. Capricorn is the final earth sign of the Zodiac and known as being the “father figure” of the signs. Capricorn has an ambitious personality and is able to stay on track while ensuring everyone else is working with full integrity to their duties.

1. Someone you can depend on while inspiring you to rise into the person you’re meant to be

Earth signs maintain a sense of solidity in their lives and have the ability to navigate reality in a practical manner. This gives them excellent leadership qualities. Whereas some of us may be prone to getting lost in our feels or daydreams, earth signs are gifted at maintaining a sense of groundedness, giving them a natural affinity to be of support to those they love.

Gaining the trust of an earth sign has no shortcut — as there shouldn’t be. These signs spend time observing words and actions before securely letting you into their inner circle. Earth signs are driven towards maintaining a sense of balance and equanimity in relationships. They follow through on their word and invite you to be an equal partner in the matter. These signs value the stability relationships bring and will inspire you to live from a place of greater integrity.

2. Support in your goals and dreams

Earth signs thrive when surrounding themselves with people focused on what brings them joy, adds value to their lives, and allows their gifts to shine. Your joy and authenticity are particularly contagious to earth signs, as their natural inclination towards anchored-ness may lead them to feeling stubborn or stuck if too heavily isolated. Witnessing your joys, your dreams, your fears is of great importance to these signs. As you share, your world mirrors back the gifts they hold — gifts of listening, dependability, reliability, supportive nurturing — all while inspiring them to dream a little further, to feel a little deeper, and to burn a little brighter with the support of your presence.

3. Someone who wants to grow with you

Earth signs are notorious do-ers, and have down-to-earth leadership qualities that allow them to see projects to fruition. They don’t just want to discuss the ideals of a relationship, but see these dreams, values, and goals enacted. Earth signs are incredibly patient individuals who love seeing everyone in their rightful place. Community is of great importance to these signs. In your role as partner, earth signs want to explore this responsibility with you. Allow your individuality to shine, express what you genuinely desire, and feel the gift that being with such a constructive partner can bring.

4. Expanding your capacity to be present

As their name suggests, earth signs benefit greatly from time in nature. Not only does this help them feel more at ease and at home, but being absorbed in the natural world allows earth signs to lean into their innate gift of inner presence. Earth signs are present in their everyday reality, and this capacity is enhanced when spending time in the senses. Earth signs will happily spend quality time with you, and in these moments, you will discover strength and peace inherent to your state of being.