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4 Zodiacs Who Daydream The Most


Geminis dream about a world where they have free time in the few unproductive moments of their day. In between back-to-back meetings, chewing their lunch, or sitting on the toilet they imagine what it would feel like to sleep in on a Saturday morning and spend the day in their pajamas. What it would be like to read a book all weekend, or binge an entire TV show in one sitting. They envy their friends who lead lives of leisure, the ones who take naps and vacations and long lunches in the middle of a work day. Even though a Gemini’s world would end if their to-do list was ever fully finished, they still fantasize about that alternate reality. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and a Gemini can’t help but look at it and wonder what their life would be like if they could switch places. 


Virgos daydream about their revenge fantasies. About beating their rivals fair and square, about finally revealing their deficiencies to the world and emerging victorious and vindicated. Virgos never have an issue standing up for themselves or pushing back when someone crosses them, but they still have to follow the rules and fall in line behind authority figures who hold the power. In these daydreams, a Virgo gets to air all their grievances without worrying about it biting them in the ass. They get to release all of their pent-up frustrations and resentment and make someone acknowledge the harm they’ve done. If it wasn’t for their vivid imaginations allowing them this fictional outlet for their emotions, Virgos would find it impossible to bite their tongues and stick to professionalism at all costs. 


When a Scorpio sees someone even remotely attractive, they can’t help but imagine what they’re like in bed. Their fantasies are fully of intimacy, and they’re not afraid to cast a total stranger as their love interest. When they wonder what someone is like, they jump straight to the juicy details. Sure, it means sometimes they’re let down when new partners don’t live up to the hype in reality, but it’s a compliment that they see potential in just about anyone. It’s why they always seem to be making romantic connections, they never rule anyone completely out at first glance. It takes something concrete to burst their bubble. And when there are no beautiful strangers around, they have a collection of past experiences to replay in their minds free of charge.


Pisces are always imagining all the different lives they could be living had they not made the decisions they made. Where they’d be if they stayed with their high school sweetheart. If they’d chosen a different major. If they’d moved to another city or another country. Had they become a parent or chosen not to have kids? Had they told someone how they really felt about them? All these alternate reality Pisces have their strengths and weaknesses, their highs and lows. And the sheer multitude of possibilities shows Pisces that they are doing the very best they can with the lives they’ve been given. There is no one perfect path to take.