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4 Zodiac Signs That Will Have The Best Holiday Season — Here’s Why

It’s the most wonderful time of year! 

This season is deeply sentimental and introspective by nature. Hope fills the air, and a sense of replenishment saunters through our lives. Slowing down, and making time to spend reflective moments in places that bring us back home to ourselves, and connecting with the souls that we are thankful for, is immensely important. Remember to be kind to yourself as December presses on — you are allowed to take a break from the intensity of life, and to embrace all of the magic that illuminates this month. 

According to the stars, if your sun sign, moon sign or rising sign falls under any of these 4 zodiac signs — you’re in for an extra magical holiday season. Here’s why:


Virgo — the beauty of the holiday season will feel extra magical for you when Capricorn season comes around. You will start to feel a positive shift when your ruling planet Mercury enters Capricorn the first week of December, which will impact your fifth house of romance and pleasure. This energy will ignite your mind and heart, and you will feel inspired to fully embrace the magic this time of year holds within it. This is your time to shine Virgo, and if you’re thinking of declining invitations to the endless amount of holiday soirees and karaoke caroling coming your way, you’d be doing yourself a deep disservice. Don’t miss out on the fun — welcome it. Closer to the end of the year, despite the fact that Mercury is going to be retrograding in your fifth house during New Years Eve, its energy is going to create a lot of opportunities in your life, even potentially bringing forth an ex lover or an old flame for you to share a New Year’s kiss with.


Sagittarius — this is your time to shine. The holidays were made for you. You tend to come alive when you’re fully immersed in the beauty and magic of the season, and the light filled streets and Christmas movie marathons are going to warm your heart even more this year. The sun is in Sagittarius for a majority of the holidays, which beautifully explains why this time of year is always marked by a sense of adventure and listlessness for you. You are ruled by Jupiter, which represents extravagance and indulgence, and your larger than life approach to the world inspires those around you, and leaves a mark on the human beings who share space with you. This season, remember to pick your battles, and to brush things off when they don’t go exactly as planned. Because Mars is retrograding through your partnerships, your passion will be intensified, so try your best to anchor yourself before going all in like you’re used to. Hold on Sagittarius — this is going to be a fiery season. 


Capricorn — a few days before Christmas, the sun is entering your sign, which means that your power is intensified during this holiday season. You are going to feel incredibly secure, and empowered once the winter solstice takes place on December 21st, but that’s not the only good news. You’re being protected from tough situations that may try to weather you, and the energy in your atmosphere is not going to leave you out in the cold when life gets a little confusing from time to time. This is the year you may want to save yourself the stress of the season and take less on, and you are being encouraged to listen to that inner voice. Give yourself a break, Capricorn. Mercury stations retrograde in your sign on December 29th, which will bring up a lot of beautiful questions within your heart, and you will be deeply reflective of who you want to be in 2023. 


Pisces — this year’s holiday season is going to be beautifully special for you. Jupiter has recently been retrograding, and you might have felt the energetic repercussions of such a placement over the last few weeks. However, that has finally come to an end, and the planet is now stationing direct in your sign. Jupiter in Pisces happens very rarely, so be sure to bask in the magic that it will bring. You may find that you’re having a lot of revelations within your life during this time, and you’ll also notice an illuminating confidence washing over you. Gone are the days where you shy away from your true self in order to make those around you comfortable. This season is going to empower you to fully embrace yourself at your most honest, and you are going to be introduced to human beings who hold you there, and who celebrate your larger-than-life mind and heart. This whole month is about reconnecting with what makes you special, Pisces. The