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4 Zodiac Signs Who Agonize Over Making A Decision

Making the right decision isn’t always easy, requiring a wealth of faculties in determining which choice might have the best outcome. From deciding potential weekend plans to debating which brand of shampoo to use in the shower, life is all about making choices, setting us on a path that we hope will lead to a bright and blissful future. While some people always seem ready to make the perfect decision with little to any hesitation, others rack their brains over which choice is right for them, growing cold feet whenever they’re required to choose one possibility over another.


Symbolized by the twins, Geminis tend to fall into two opposing camps whenever they’re presented with a choice. Just when they feel comfortable making a decision, their dual personality will encourage them to give the matter a second thought. Veering left just when people think you’re headed right, your sense of inner conflict typically sends you spiraling into a whirlwind of self-reflection, forcing you to consider who you are, what you want, and the impact your decision might have in the grand scheme of things.


You love and crave stability, glorying at the predictability of a set routine or a carefully maintained schedule. Whenever you’re forced to venture outside the stable world you’ve cultivated for yourself, you struggle to separate your emotion from logical dictation, especially when it comes to making a choice. Sacrificing your personal thoughts and feelings for what you believe is the greater good, a Cancer will always try to pick the option that leaves everyone satisfied (even when such an outcome remains impossible).


Personified by the astrological symbol of the scales, any decision that falls into a Libran’s hands feels like a matter of life or death. It doesn’t matter if it’s something as simple as deciding which restaurant to order dinner from or as multifaceted as RSVPing for your ex-partner’s wedding–to you, there’s no such thing as an easy choice. Carefully weighing each of your options in the hopes of avoiding the wrong decision, your inner uncertainty often leads you to make a mountain out of a molehill, forcing you to ponder every alternative choice rather than commit to a specific decision.


You view yourself as a caring and understanding person, sympathizing with all sides of an argument and allowing you to see each point being made in a clear and articulate way. Characterized by your inherent empathy and deep-seated compassion for others, you’re incredibly in-tune with everyone’s unspoken emotions–even those they keep hidden from themselves. One of your friends might say they don’t mind if you want to stay home instead of going out with them, but you can see the disappointment on their face as they utter the words aloud. Forever trying to make everyone happy with your decisions, your emotional connection to others regularly puts you at odds with yourself, as seen from your inability to prioritize your own needs over other peoples’.