4 Signs Who Will Ghost You

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4 Zodiac Signs Who Won’t Think Twice About Ghosting You

Some zodiac signs will come right out and tell you when they aren’t interested in taking things further. Other signs are more likely to disappear without a word and leave you wondering what happened. Here are a few signs who are most likely to ghost you when they lose interest:


This sign cannot stand confrontation. They don’t want anyone to yell at them or even be annoyed by them. Since they’re people pleasers at heart, it kills them to say goodbye to someone who cares about them. If they aren’t interested in you, they won’t want to sit you down and break the news to you in person because it would be too awkward. They would rather disappear from your world without a word so they don’t have to have a tough conversation or see how upset you are. They aren’t trying to hurt you. They’re trying to save themselves the trouble of seeing you hurt.


This sign won’t mean to hurt your feelings. But if they aren’t feeling a connection, they will simply move on. They’ll find someone else who gets them excited while leaving you in the past. Texting you to let you know they aren’t interested won’t even cross their mind. They don’t get attached easily, so it’s hard for them to understand how much of an impact they might have made on another person in a short period of time. Geminis underestimate their importance to other people, so they don’t realize how much it might hurt you to get left on read. They’ll assume that you’ll figure out what happened on your own.


This sign is impulsive and unpredictable so it’s hard to guess what they’ll do next. Although they can fall fast, they also move on fast. One day, they could be obsessed with you, and the next day, they could move onto their next adventure. Although Aries are usually blunt about their feelings and tell it like it is, they can also be selfish when it comes to relationships. Breaking your heart isn’t fun for them, so they will avoid doing it. They will procrastinate or they will distance themselves completely and let you figure out their feelings on their own. It’s easier to delete your number and move on than to spill their heart out to you, so they will take the easier route. 


This sign isn’t great with their emotions and speaking from the heart. They won’t communicate how they’re feeling and will stuff their emotions down their chest. They avoid having emotionally vulnerable conversations because it makes them uncomfortable. They would rather keep things light. This sign is known for being mysterious because they refuse to wear their heart on their sleeve. They won’t want to come out and say when they’re interested in someone – and they won’t want to come out and say that they’ve lost interest either. They would rather keep their emotions to themselves to protect their feelings and to protect the feelings of others.