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4 Zodiacs About To Heal From A Major Loss


Leo, you heal from loss when you finally stop avoiding it. Distraction is always within reach, and you use it as a crutch to avoid facing your own grief. When you’re not with friends, you’re making plans, liking posts, swiping through dating apps, or snapping pics of your partner over dinner, anything and everything to keep up the façade that makes everything look and feel like everything is fine when it is most definitely not. It’s not even a cover for the rest of the world, this defense mechanism is primarily for yourself, but you can’t work through the grief unless you allow yourself to feel it first. You’ve got to stop using makeup or puffy eyes as the reason you won’t allow yourself to cry. Whatever it is that you lost, whether it be a person, a dream, a home, a belief system, or a feeling, it is okay to feel sorry for yourself.


There are very few times where it’s appropriate to say this, Aquarius, but you’re too woke for your own good. You haven’t healed from your loss yet because you’ve told yourself you don’t deserve to be upset. You are so worried about checking your own privilege, so wrapped up in this grief hierarchy you’ve constructed, so consumed with the guilt you feel because you’re not focused on all the good happening in your life that you’ve just created a spiral that’s prolonging your healing process. You can have all the perspective in the world and still need five minutes to mourn something strictly for yourself. You can cry over a break-up in the middle of a natural disaster. You can feel disappointed getting passed over for a promotion while others are job-hunting. You can hold space for all of the complex problems in this world and still wish someone hadn’t sent a hurtful text. There is room for overlap.   


Taurus, you will heal this week because you finally stopped trying to. Despite your sincerest efforts, and unparalleled stubbornness, you are simply not in control of your own emotions. You can control how you respond to them, how you show yourself kindness and patience, but a magic wand or snap of the fingers to get over grief, sadly does not exist. The pressure you’ve been putting on yourself has just been exasperating the situation. Stop giving yourself the old “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” pep-talk and allow yourself a day or two to mope in your oldest sweats and just feel the feels. There’s a difference between taking a day or two to reset and more serious depression symptoms. You can slow down you can eat some Ben and Jerry’s and it might help you more than constantly insisting on powering through. Lower the bar for yourself, celebrate the little wins, and allow yourself the time and space necessary to heal.


Virgo, you turn the corner when you step away from the shrines you create for your own grief and start looking for new things to fill up the emptiness you’re feeling. It’s true that some things in life are not replaceable, and we should never try to replace them, but you can get hung up on the specificity of what you lost and allow it to make you completely ignore all of the other amazing things in this world that might help you heal. Other things definitely can be replaced. You’re the type to get hung up on a job, an apartment, or any other very specific thing you integrate into your own internal monologue and refuse to revise to your own detriment. Remember, you are good at more than one thing, if you could make the original plan, you can devise a backup plan, and life has so much more in store for you than this one disappointment.