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4 Zodiacs Beginning A New Life Chapter In October


Libra, your latest life chapter is one where you learn to articulate things you’ve been feeling for years. It’s like you’ve suddenly cracked that most popular of TV therapists’ dialogues, “And how does that make you feel?” and suddenly you’ve been freed from the shackles of your own emotional turmoil. You can look at yourself in the mirror and say “I’m lonely,” “that upset me because…” “I want x, y, z” and make choices that honor those feelings. You’re no longer flailing around, trying everything to see what works without having a rubric for success. You are adjusting as you go, checking in with yourself and others to decide what feels best, what is right for you. Don’t let anyone convince you this journey is too self-centered. It’s only by fully learning what it is to take care of yourself that you can know how to truly show up for and take care of others. 


This next life chapter is about coming into your own and becoming the grown up version of you you spent years imagining as a child. There is something regal and majestic about Autumn that will allow you to step into the spotlight and show off this latest peak. Life has its highs and lows, and there’s never one apex, but a series of moments where we feel at our latest ‘best.’ So rock that turtleneck, rent that extravagant Halloween costume, or give your space that Fall makeover of your dreams. The external changes you make reflect the internal change you are experiencing. You are calmer, more confident, less anxious about whether or not you’re where you’re meant to be. You are present, standing on your own two feet, ready to meet the world with curiosity and an eagerness for life. You are living out your dreams one day at a time, and you appreciate each one for the lessons and joy they bring. 


You’ve been dreading this next life chapter, Scorpio. You signed up for something that is hard, something that is long, something that makes you susceptible to suffering. But all that imagining was just anticipatory anxiety. The chapter starts now, when you start doing, when you’re in the thick of it and you realize this actually isn’t half as bad as I thought it would be. Maybe you even start to enjoy it. It takes time to adjust, to settle in, to develop habits. You just have to trust yourself enough to get through those initial jitters and really judge this new chapter based on your actual experience. Sometimes we end up loving the things we thought we’d hate, just like we are sometimes let down by the things we looked forward to most. This chapter is a lesson for you to be in the moment. Try to enter more experiences with a neutral expectation and let it be swayed positively or negatively by actual data instead of your preconceived ideas.


People don’t realize what a planner you really are, Sagittarius, how Type A you get behind the scenes. Everything looks flawlessly spontaneous, like you just rolled out of bed looking that good, like you just happened to stumble into the cutest cafe in town, like you didn’t think twice about introducing yourself to a stranger. But you do put in the work. You do make a plan, an agenda, an itinerary, and you try your hardest to stick to it. This month, your new life chapter is about the little moments that do take you by surprise. The ones that deviate from the path you’ve already set your sights on. This is your chance to learn to pivot, to follow your gut, to learn to grab hold of an opportunity before it passes you by. If there’s something you’ve been considering, just do it, sign up, jump in before you have a chance to overthink it. This is how you let the world pleasantly surprise you.