Brandon Woelfel

4 Zodiacs Beginning A New Life Chapter In September


This is the life chapter when you meet and recognize your limits, and are finally able to open up to another human being about how you truly feel in situations. The outward you that appears to be the life of the party with a never-ending supply of jokes, comes home to a friend and/or a partner with whom you can share every insecurity, anxiety, or worry. The part of you that tries to impress, that worries about being good enough, that fears you’re not picking up on the subtle social cues. Everything looks calm and collected on the surface, but underneath you are fighting like hell to stay afloat. This is natural, this is logical, and having an outlet for these thoughts and feelings is the only way you can start to combat them.


This is the life chapter where you identify an excess and truly begin to course correct. Whether you spend too much, have an extreme exercise routine, or work until your eyeballs are about to burst before your laptop, recognizing the issue is truly the first step toward improvement. The balance you thought you had, that you bragged to the world about, has only been a farce, a facade. It’s been the vocalization of a wish for the life you long for. If only…when I have enough blank….after I work through x, y, z, I’ll finally get my shit together. This is the month you stop postponing that start date. 


This next life chapter is when you through someone’s opinion out the window of a moving car and never look back at what you’ve left behind. Whoever it is you’ve been trying to please is never ever going to give you the nod of approval you’ve been looking for, and today is the day you accept that fact and transfer the effort you’ve been dedicating to them to some other aspect of your life that will actually yield results. Lighten the load, let go of that burden, and finally come to terms with the fact that it’s them, not you. Something you’ve always considered, but never let yourself believe, until now.


There’s a group that you’ve been following too long. You’ve let this collective make all of your big life decisions for you up until now, whether it was friends, colleagues, in-laws, you name it. You’ve been too meek to stand up for yourself, to voice your own opinion, perhaps even to form one without their input. But this month, all of that comes to an end as you come into your own. You have the brain and the wherewithal to see things for yourself, and to make a proper evaluation of a situation. You hold the reins of your life in your own hands and don’t need to pass them over to anyone else. Steer yourself toward the happiness you seek, and nothing but good things will follow, include a better circle to surround yourself with. The way things are is not the way things have to be.