Zen Chung

4 Zodiacs Bringing The Drama This Mother’s Day Weekend (May 10 – 12)

Mother’s Day is this weekend, and many of us are celebrating it by showing our moms just how much we care. But maybe some of us aren’t going to be as sweet and wholesome as others. After all, when you get family together, it can sometimes be explosive. The following four zodiac signs are much more likely to bring the drama this Mother’s Day weekend. Whether it’s on purpose or purely by accident, everyone better keep an eye on you.


You’re unpredictable, especially when you’re experiencing high emotions. While you might not be the one starting the drama, you’re more than happy to make it bigger and more chaotic. Any whiff of family drama and you’ll be ready to brawl. You could give in to those urges and start bringing up decades-old generational trauma, or you could keep it in and be civil with everyone. The route you choose will probably depend on how much caffeine you had that morning. Either way, you hold the power here.


The problem with being the zodiac sign who keeps things to themselves is that eventually all those things you’re bottling up will find some way of bursting forth. This Mother’s Day weekend, there’s a chance you’ll finally bubble over. If you have an urge to start a sentence with “You’ve always…” or “I just find it funny that…,” there’s a good chance a big family fight is sure to follow. Holding on to all the drama for so long isn’t healthy, but neither is letting it all out at once in an epic meltdown. Keep it out of Mother’s Day weekend if you can.


The drama won’t necessarily start with you this Mother’s Day weekend. You’re just there to have a good time, say hi to family, and hug your mom. The drama instead will come from other people. They want to know where you’ve been, why you never visit family as much as your siblings or cousins. Truth is, you just have other things going on in your life, and you wish that some of your relatives understood that. While your mere presence is causing others to bring the drama, you don’t have to feed into it. Smile, give them a hug, and move on.


Like Sagittarius, drama might surround you, but it’s not on purpose. You’re just a quiet person much of the time. You have your mind on other things. But some mistake the quiet intensity for arrogance or judgement. If you have any relatives that like to read negativity into anything, get ready for some drama coming your way. But the people who know and understand you well–and hopefully your mom is one of them–will realize you’re just in Thinking Mode and aren’t quietly judging them from the corner of the room.