Ron Lach

4 Zodiacs Entering Their Goddess Era


Known for being a powerful initiator skilled in assertive action, your goddess era is all about reaping the benefits of what you sow, Aries. Often ready to jump into action on your next big conquest, this season embraces taking a deeper look at what surrounds you. The energy you feed yourself pours back into what you’re able to produce. And while you’re one of the most commonly misunderstood of the Zodiacs, it’s prime time you prioritize a deeper connection to self. Naturally, as you hold others’ opinion of you with a looser grip, you begin to align personal vision with action, intentionality, and heart. 


Home in the blazing summer heat, your natural nature was born to shine, Leo. Celebrating yourself while building a sense of community is when you feel most at home. This season is all about embracing your desire for recognition, recognizing a sense of internal approval only stems from within. In your element, you naturally seek to expand your joy with others, radiating your soul’s gifts with ease. Previously, you’ve been conditioned to alter personal expression in an attempt to manipulate how others perceive you. In this stage of life, you’re recognizing that showing up fully is what helps you feel most at ease and in touch with authenticity. It’s when you shape-shift that things come out lopsided. Let the fears and worries drift away with ease, and your goddess era will unfold quite naturally — friends and family included.


Known for being a powerful diplomat and peacekeeper, your planetary ruler, Venus, serves as a guiding compass in personal expression. Romanticizing life comes quite naturally for you, Libra. The effervescent qualities you sense are likely more present and grounded in reality than you ever thought possible. A tendency to slide into indecision can leave you feeling stuck, and in this season of life, inspiration calls you to let go of control. As you lean into your abilities as a powerful and artistic creator, the universe will respond appropriately. Entering your goddess era is an invitation to bring attention back inside yourself. This may feel uncomfortable at first. Trust in the universe for a moment — or stay a while. The voice and value of your opinion matters. 


With a drive towards continuous self-improvement, you’re inclined to seek experiences that enhance your worldview, Sagittarius. Your inquisitive nature and propensity to take action lead you to being someone who can go with the flow — and quite loves it. This courageous sense of openness brings about a certain level of magnitude the universe hopes and conspires for. This season, you’re open to holding yourself to a higher standard and are seeing the value in remaining committed to your endless mission for meaning, beauty, and self-discovery. Generosity and openness are two sides of the same coin. When you hold yourself to these high standards, seemingly effortless results appear. You do, yes, deserve this.