Lucas Andrade

4 Zodiacs Finding Soulmates This Summer By Embracing Chaos

Your comfort zone might be warm and cozy — but it could be holding you back from the life you’re meant to be living. You don’t want to miss out on incredible opportunities because you’re taking the easier route, so make sure that you step outside of your comfort zone every once in a while. You could discover a passion (or a person) who is perfect for you. Here are some zodiacs who will meet their soulmate as soon as they gather their courage and leave their comfort zone:


Taurus, you are most comfortable when you’re sticking to a set routine — but if you keep doing the same thing day after day, and are unhappy with the results, then nothing is ever going to change. You need to leave your comfort zone in order to give yourself the opportunity to meet new people and embark on new experiences. Even though it’s scary to face the unknown, it’s necessary in order to grow. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to take a huge leap and do something unlike you. You can take baby steps — but don’t stay stagnant. Challenge yourself. Push yourself. Even if you don’t find your soulmate, you’ll find yourself.


Virgo, you are capable of achieving such great things — but you usually sell yourself short. You usually stay in your own little bubble. But if you want to live the life of your dreams, you need to break free from your comfort zone. You need to challenge yourself, even when you have doubts about yourself. It’s okay if you’re scared. No one is as fearless as they seem. What matters is that you push that fear aside and take a chance on yourself anyway. What matters is that you set out to find where you belong. It might be easier to remain in the wrong place, but it’s much more fulfilling to go out there and make a change.


Capricorn, you get pretty set in your ways. Once you find a routine that works for you, you stick to it. After all, why would you change something that works perfectly fine? Except things aren’t perfectly fine. There are ways you wish your life would change, so you need to stop pretending you’re fine and accept that you need to make some alterations. You’re a hard worker, so it’s not like you’re afraid of putting in effort. You’re simply afraid of the unknown. But once you start putting yourself out there, the unknown will feel a lot less intimidating. Eventually, it will even feel familiar.


Pisces, you are generally happy with the life you’re living — but if you want to make even the smallest change, you’re the one who has to take initiative and make the move. Although you love your family and friends, they can’t take on the chore for you. You need to do this on your own. You have the power to completely change your own life, and you need to start remembering that. You need to take a chance on yourself. Leave your comfort zone.