Icaro Mendes

4 Zodiacs Getting A Fortune Reversal By The End Of April

On April 20th, generous Jupiter conjuncts disruptive Uranus in luxury loving Taurus. This remarkable celestial event will bring astonishing reversals of fortune for several zodiacs, regardless of their job status or incomes. Read on to discover who will feel like Cinderella in the second half of April. It’s going to be a time of blissful surprises for these lucky signs.


Uranus has been causing many Rams to experience periods of feast and famine. That will change during the second half of April, when this unpredictable planet teams with lavish Jupiter in their 2nd House of Earned Income. When this happens, wealth will arrive from a totally unexpected source. Fortunately, Aries is quick to embrace its luck and will use this windfall to make long-term investments that give them a greater measure of freedom. 


Taurus has been waiting patiently for their ship to come in. The Bull’s ability to practice contentment is about to pay off. The resources to satisfy their whims will come in a mighty flood, allowing this zodiac to purchase some real estate, splurge on expensive toiletries, and buy beautiful artwork. Investing in a head-to-toe makeover is also possible, enhancing this sign’s natural good looks. 


The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction can relieve Librans of considerable debt since it occurs in their 8th House of Shared Resources. Student loan forgiveness, a big inheritance, or a lottery win are among the ways this zodiac can achieve financial independence. Paying off their credit cards will relieve this sign’s anxiety, allowing it to fully enjoy the finer things in life. A tumultuous relationship will also stabilize once Libra’s financial health is restored.  


Jupiter is finishing its tour of Sagittarius’s 6th House of Work and Service. When it joins Uranus on April 20th, big job rewards are possible. Woefully underpaid Archers can get big pay raises. A departing executive could name this zodiac as their successor. Even better, a dream job involving luxury travel could fall into Sagittarius’s lap. Their improved work situation also will have a beneficial effect on this zodiac’s health.