Alex Stoddard

4 Zodiacs Most Likely To Be Haunted By Ghosts


You’re a sensitive soul. You wear your heart on your sleeve, so ghosts could be attracted to your strong emotional energy. You’re also good at reading people, so you might sense a presence in the room when others don’t. If you ever know someone looking to buy a house, you could lend your services since you’re great at figuring out if there’s bad energy in a location. Some people you know might roll their eyes at your intuitive nature, but whatever. It’s their loss if they don’t get to have all these cool ghostly experiences like you do.


Not only would you be excited to find out that a ghost has been following you from room to room, but you’re also the type to actively seek out a haunting. You’ll be spinning around the street yelling, “What are you waiting for?!” as you open your arms wide for any ghosts or spirits to enter your domain. Honestly, this makes you fun during spooky season, and a terror for anyone who finds the idea of getting possessed by ghosts a literal waking nightmare.


You might be surprised to find your sign on this list. You’re not exactly the type of person to look for ghosts in every nook and cranny. And that’s exactly why a ghost might be following you. They sense that you’re skeptical as hell and want to do anything they can to let you know that your theories are wrong and that they actually exist. Think about that every time you hear a bump in the night or you find something far away from where you originally left it. Could be ghosts!


You’re particularly good at reading people, and that’s the case for both the living and the dead. If you haven’t tried a séance or busted out a Ouija board by now, you totally should. If anyone’s going to get a spirit talking to them, it’s you. And bonus points for being super respectful to the lil’ ghosties. Unfortunately, you’re often too much of a scaredy cat to actually attend a séance, so the world might have to deal with you being surrounded by ghosts and never willing to speak for them.