Brandon Woelfel

4 Zodiacs Most Likely To Manifest Love This Valentine’s Day


Taurus, this Valentine’s Day, take your manifestation game up a notch by focusing on indulging your senses such as touch, taste, and smell. Light some scented candles, set up a cozy space, and indulge in a delicious meal. The key to manifesting love for you lies in creating an atmosphere that not only looks appealing but awakens the senses, creating a magnetic force for that special person you want to share it with.

Valentine’s Day Manifesting Tip

Embrace your tactile side – perhaps consider a massage or an evening of dancing where you can physically connect. By engaging the senses, you open the door to heightened experiences that aligns perfectly with your Taurus energy.


Cancer, you are a natural at forming deep connections. This Valentine’s Day, take your manifestation journey to the next level by focusing on nurturing deeper emotional bonds with those around you. Manifesting love for you is all about connecting on a heart-to-heart level, whether through meaningful conversations, shared experiences, or simply spending quality time together.

Valentine’s Day Manifesting Tip

To help you manifest love this Valentine’s Day, turn to your journal. Writing down your emotions, how you feel about love, the worries you might have etc can really help you recognize what you truly desire from a relationship – and therefore know what to ask the Universe for.


Libra, your sense of balance and harmony makes you a magnet for love. This Valentine’s Day, amplify your manifestation powers by focusing on creating a home environment that reflects your aesthetic taste and promotes balance. Whether it’s through decorating your space with romantic little touches like flowers and different textures, curating a playlist of your favorite love songs, or planning a thoughtful date, manifest love by surrounding yourself with things of beauty.

Valentine’s Day Manifesting Tip

Put the focus on your bedroom this month, creating a space that makes you feel relaxed and cozy, as well as welcoming for someone else. When your home environment feels good, you feel good.


Pisces, your dreamy and imaginative nature opens the door to magical connections. This Valentine’s Day, let your creativity flow and embrace the dreamy side of love. Whether it’s through artistic expression, writing a letter to your future soulmate, or planning your dream date, manifest love by tapping into the daydreaming energy that Pisces is known for.

Valentine’s Day Manifesting Tip

Spend some time visualizing your soulmate, what characteristics they have, how they make you feel and what things you do together. This is a great way to get clear on what you desire to manifest, but to also let the Universe know what to bring into your life for you to attract.