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4 Zodiacs Starting A New Life Chapter In April

TAURUS (4/20 – 5/20)

The life chapter you are about to embark upon, Taurus, is one where you connect with ancestors or predecessors. You will embrace heredity knowledge and precedence, comprehending the sheer magnitude of trial and error that has led to the things we take for granted today. 

Whether you’re an aspiring chef, painter, influencer, cartoonist, or anything else in the world, becoming an expert on the foundation and history of your field will give you the ability to express yourself genuinely through the medium and contribute to the next generation of this tradition. Having that respect, the knowledge, and the basics will give you the tools to improvise and improve upon the classics. 

Visibility into the continuity of human pursuits will give you a much needed shift in perspective that makes you feel more connected to your fellow cohabitants of this planet, as well as the ones who came before.

CANCER (6/21 – 7/22)

The life chapter you’re about to enter, Cancer, is directly in the spotlight. You’re typically the confident spectator, happy to watch and listen without needing to be the center of attention, but this month your recent work is drawing the attention of those around you, even if you weren’t seeking it to begin with.

Don’t be surprised or discouraged if you experience growing pains navigating the changes that come with your newfound recognition. Competition and jealousy come with the territory, but remember that the world deserves what you bring to the table. Your ideas, your discoveries, your successes are all things people gravitate toward. 

Even if you’re not doing it for recognition, just think of all of the other areas of life where talent sharing is crucial. If we were limited to the clothes, music, or food we could make for ourselves, life would be very bleak indeed. We all benefit when we share what we’re good at with the world.

LEO (7/23 – 8/22)

The life phase you are entering, Leo, is one where you challenge the status quo. Some new input, like an event, an article, a statistic, or someone else’s point of view will trigger a curiosity that dominoes into questioning the structure of your entire worldview. 

Our perspectives are like a closet. When we decide to throw out one piece of clothing (AKA a belief), it becomes painfully apparent that it’s time to clean the entire thing out. We see what doesn’t fit, what we don’t like, what’s uncomfortable, the things people gifted us that we feel too guilty to get rid of. 

We get overwhelmed, because we want to avoid the time and effort the task will take, but we can’t avoid seeing the mess for what it is. It’s better to just grab the garbage bags and rip the bandaid off so we can get things to a place where they become livable again.

CAPRICORN (12/22 – 1/19)

Your upcoming life chapter, Capricorn, is one where you are brutally honest about what your true ambitions are. Are you really just looking for a raise, or do you actually have ideas on how to run the department? Are you planning a weekend getaway when you are dying to take a sabbatical? Are you settling for a decent second or third date when you’re looking for chemistry that knocks you off your feet from the get-go?

You need to ask yourself why you’re minimizing things and whether or not the approach is serving you. Are you trying to be more likable? Less demanding? Is flying under the radar keeping you from recognition you deserve?

The first step is vocalizing the intention to yourself. The moment you can be honest with yourself about what you want, you can start asking the world for it, putting yourself out there, going after opportunities, asking for help and advice.