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4 Zodiacs Who Always Fall For Bare Minimum Men

It’s not always easy to find someone who reaches your standards. It can take years to come across the right person, especially when so many other people seem like great catches at first, but eventually end up disappointing you. Here are some zodiacs who have trouble finding more than bare minimum partners:


Virgo, you have a checklist about what you want in another person so you would think it would be easy to find someone in your league. The problem is that looks can be deceiving. Someone could be a perfect partner on paper, but they turn out to be less than ideal in real life. They won’t go above and beyond to give you what you want. They’ll try to skate by on the bare minimum. And since you don’t like to give up on relationships without trying to fix them first, you can end up in these relationships longer than you should. You can end up trying to keep the relationship alive when this person is never actually going to rise to your standards.


Libra, you see the beauty in everyone, which is why you’re rarely single. The only problem is that you can look past flaws to focus on the positive aspects of someone. You commonly end up in relationships where you’re doing most of the work, because you keep giving the other person passes. You keep forgiving them because you know they’re a good person deep down. But it doesn’t matter if this person has good intentions. If they aren’t meeting your standards, then you’re allowed to walk away. You don’t have to keep giving them more and more opportunities to disappoint you.


Aries, you are impulsive so you’re quick to jump into relationships. You won’t always know someone completely before putting a label on things. Which means you can commonly end up with people who aren’t able to meet your expectations. They might have seemed fun at first, but the more you get to know them, the more mediocre you realize they are. You might hope that their behavior will change the longer you’re together, but chances are, they aren’t going to do romantic things for you in the future if they’re not doing them now. Things are only going to get worse, so you need to admit you made a bad call and move on.


Cancers, you aren’t shy about helping people. In fact, it brings you joy to be there for others. But when you’re always doing favors for them and aren’t asking for anything in return, it’s easy for them to take advantage of you. No, they might not treat you poorly, but they aren’t going out of their way to do anything nice for you either. And you deserve to be spoiled, too. You deserve to feel pampered and appreciated. You shouldn’t settle for someone who is happy to take from you but never thinks to give you anything in return – unless you ask them for it.