4 Zodiacs Who Are Always The First To Say I Love You

4 Zodiacs Who Are Always The First To Say, ‘I Love You’

Some zodiacs are hesitant to say those three little words first because they don’t want to find out that the other person feels differently. However, other zodiacs are unafraid of rejection. They will say how they’re feeling without stopping to worry about how it will be perceived. Here are a few zodiacs who are usually the first to say I love you in relationships:


Aries are impulsive. They blurt out whatever they are thinking without stopping to think through the consequences. That’s why this sign is always the first to say those three little words. After all, they fall fast and hard in relationships. They get caught up in the passion and feel like every person that they’re dating is The Person. Aries might not feel like they love someone a few months (or even weeks) later, but the first time the thought pops into their head, they are going to blurt it out loud. They are going to let their partner know how they’re feeling because they won’t want the moment to go to waste. They won’t want to hold back an ounce of their emotion.


Libras love the idea of love. They are excited to feel these big emotions, so when they do, they’re going to scream how they’re feeling from the rooftops. They aren’t going to be quiet about their emotions because they will want this other person to feel loved and appreciated. They will want this other person to realize how much they matter. Libras understand the power of words. They know that what you say matters as much as your actions do. They know that too many people walk around without knowing their worth, and they want to do whatever they can to change that. They want the people they love to know how much they’re loved. 


Pisces are people pleasers. They don’t mind being the first one to say those three little words if they know it will bring a smile to their partner’s face, if they know that it will spark some happiness. Pisces aren’t too worried about whether those words are returned because no matter how the other person feels, it doesn’t change how they feel. Besides, this sign is surprisingly brave. They are willing to put their heart on the line and risk getting hurt because they believe that the right person is worth it. They believe that love is worth the trouble. 


Geminis are fearless. They aren’t worried about getting rejected, because even if they do, there are always other people out there. Geminis would rather shoot their shot and miss than spend the rest of their lives wondering what would have happened if they were a little bit braver. Even though Geminis can feel uncomfortable talking about their emotions and showing vulnerability, they will do it if they believe the other person is worth it. They won’t hold back their feelings and risk losing someone who is important to them. They don’t mind making the first move. They are courageous enough to say what needs to be said.