4 Zodiacs Who Are Bad At Breaking Hearts
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4 Zodiacs Who Are Bad At Breaking Hearts

Some zodiacs will get straight to the point. If they aren’t happy with the relationship anymore, they will break the news to you as soon as possible because they believe you deserve the truth. But other signs are plagued with guilt whenever they have to break a heart. They would rather have their own feelings crushed than crush someone else. Here are some signs who are bad at breaking hearts:


Pisces won’t want to break your heart, so they will try to make the relationship work for as long as possible. But there will come a point when they won’t be able to play pretend anymore. When this happens, they will try to let you down as gently as possible. They might even encourage you to break up with them by reminding you that you can do better. When they want to get out of the relationship, they try to frame it as a positive for the other person because they never want to cause any pain. They never want to be the reason why you’re crying yourself to sleep. They wish they could take your suffering and deal with it themselves, but that’s just not possible.


Libras want to encourage and inspire others, not tear them down and destroy them. Although this sign falls in love easily, falling out of love is always stressful. While they understand that even the most beautiful connections can be temporary, others don’t always see relationships that way. They hate breaking hearts because they see the potential and beauty in others, and they don’t want to extinguish their flame. They don’t want to make someone doubt their own worth. They feel terrible initiating a breakup because they know this other person won’t believe that it’s truly nothing against them. They know nothing they say can ease the pain their ex is going to feel.


Aries are thrill-seekers. They want life to be a party all the time, so they have trouble dealing with emotions like sadness and disappointment. If they have a big argument with their partner, they’ll have no trouble telling them to go F themselves. But if the relationship simply petered out, and the other person has done nothing wrong, they will feel uncomfortable initiating a breakup. This sign might be blunt and they might be fearless, but they avoid tears at all costs. They don’t want to see someone cry. They would rather ghost, if possible. They’re bad at breaking hearts because they’re uncomfortable about the fallout.


Cancers aren’t big fans of confrontation, so the thought of breaking up with someone is torturous. They don’t want to get into an argument or cause tears to fall. Plus, this sign is used to putting the needs of others before their own needs, so hurting someone (even when it’s unintentional) is difficult for them. It’s hard for them to accept that their feelings matter and that they deserve a spectacular love. They shouldn’t settle — but they often forget this and prolong relationships in the hopes that they’ll get better soon.