5 Zodiacs Who Are Consciously Single

4 Zodiacs Who Are ‘Consciously Single’

Being consciously single means that you’re making the choice to be single. You want to spend some time on your own. You want to take a break from dating for a while. Here are some signs who are single because they want it that way, not because they are undeserving of love:


When Virgos are single, it’s usually because they want it that way. After all, they are incredibly busy signs. They are always occupied with a new project or adventure that takes up a huge portion of their time. They are hard workers, so they aren’t going to let themselves get distracted by love. Their passions are too important to them. That’s why there are going to be times when they choose to stay single. When they choose to focus on their non-relationship goals for a while. Virgos always treat their person as a priority, so if they don’t currently have the bandwidth to handle a relationship, they are going to stay single instead. They aren’t going to give someone half of their heart when they deserve so much more.


Leos are only single when they want to be single. They know they can have their pick of dates, so they aren’t going to settle down unless someone meets all of their standards. Unless they find someone who goes above and beyond to sweep them off their feet. Leos are rarely single because they lack options. Someone is usually pining after them because they spend a lot of time in the spotlight. They never hesitate to use their voice and show the world how much they’re worth. But Leos know there’s more to life than romantic love. There are going to be moments when they’re focused more on platonic love between friends and family.


Capricorns have high standards. They won’t want to jump into a relationship just so they can say that they’ve crossed a milestone off of their checklist. To them, falling in love would be nice, but it’s not necessary in order to be happy. They have such full lives, whether they’re single or not. Since Capricorns are determined to do the best in their field, they spend a lot of time focusing on their careers and their home lives. They want to work hard and reap the rewards. They wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to date the right person if they came along, but most of the time, they aren’t consciously looking for love. They know they can feel fulfilled without it.


Libras know the importance of self-love. They understand that they have to put effort into loving themselves and accepting themselves. Since Libras are social butterflies and leave a positive impression everywhere they go, most of the time they are only single because they want to be single. Because they need some time to focus on their own needs and dreams. Because they are on a journey of self-discovery. If they wanted a relationship, they could easily find one. But that’s not always their priority.