4 Zodiacs Who Are Most Likely To Soft-Ghost You

4 Zodiacs Who Are Most Likely To Soft-Ghost You

Soft-ghosting is when someone gradually starts talking to you less and less. Instead of responding to your texts right away and typing paragraphs, they will give you one-word answers after a few hours. Then they will stop liking your social media posts and stop reaching out to you first. Here are a few zodiacs who are most likely to soft-ghost you:


Libras cannot stand confrontation, so they aren’t going to come right out and admit that they’re done with you. But they won’t want to disappear out of the blue either. They would rather soft-ghost because it feels like the nicest way to let you down. They’re hoping that you’ll get the hint that they aren’t interested, that you won’t make them say the words out loud. Libras care deeply about everyone they meet, so they would never want to hurt your feelings. But they don’t realize that keeping their feelings inside could end up hurting you even more. They don’t realize how confusing soft-ghosting can be.


Taurus have trouble severing relationships because they get super attached to the people in their lives. The reason they end up soft-ghosting has more to do with themselves than you. It’s easier for them to say goodbye if they do it gradually, if they slowly stop talking to you as much, slowly stop making you such a big part of their life. Taurus aren’t trying to cleverly sneak out of your life. They’re simply trying to get used to living life without you. They’re trying to see how it feels when you aren’t the first person they call anymore.


Pisces don’t have the heart to be cruel. They are people-pleasers, so it will be hard for them to avoid a text, even if they don’t have anything important to say, even if they aren’t really interested in having a conversation with you. They want to be nice, so they will give you a short, simple answer and hope that the conversation will end there. Pisces hope that by gradually leaving your life, you’ll get used to living without them. Maybe you won’t even notice that they’ve been missing. They know it’s not the perfect approach to rejecting someone, but it makes them feel much more comfortable than blurting out their feelings or disappearing out of the blue.


Geminis are social butterflies, so they are always up for a conversation. But if they’re losing interest in you, they aren’t going to respond as quickly as they have in the past. They aren’t going to jump at the chance to see how you’ve been doing. It might take them a while to get around to answering you because they’re doing other things that are more of a priority for them. But Geminis try to be polite. They try to be social. That’s why they’ll end up answering you, but they won’t say much. They won’t be as present as you want them to be. They’re simply answering you out of obligation – or boredom.