4 Zodiacs Who Are Possessive In Relationships
Charlotte Benjamin

4 Zodiacs Who Are Possessive In Relationships

Some zodiacs aren’t the jealous type. They’re fine with you flirting around and living your own life because they know that you’ll come home to them at the end of the day. And if you don’t, then you aren’t worth the trouble anyway. But other signs are a little more sensitive when it comes to their loved ones. Here are some zodiacs who tend to be possessive in relationships:


Taurus take a long time to warm up to new people, but once they agree to date you (or become friends with you), they are going to attach themselves to you. They will want to spend as much quality time together as possible — and if anyone tries to pull you apart, they are going to get vicious. This sign is usually pretty sweet, but their claws will come out if someone tries to pit their friends against them or tries to flirt with their partner in front of them. Even though Taurus are usually non-confrontational, they are also stubborn, so they won’t back down easily. They’ll fight you tooth and nail if it means protecting someone they care about.


Cancers are wildly protective of their friends and family members. They won’t always stick up for themselves, but they will fight to the death for someone they love. They are possessive of the people they’re closest to because they want the best for these people. They want them to be happy and healthy — and this sign feels like they know the best way to make that happen. They feel like they can help, and they will extend that help even when it’s unwanted. Cancers aren’t trying to act overly possessive. They’re simply trying to protect you (but sometimes take it too far).


Scorpios get jealous fairly easily. They don’t want anyone making the moves on their partner because they don’t trust that their relationship will withstand it. It’s not that they don’t trust their partner specifically. It’s that they don’t trust anyone. They’re used to things going wrong, so getting abandoned or cheating on doesn’t seem that far-fetched to them. That’s why they get so upset whenever it looks like someone else is interested in their partner. They understand that their person deserves to live their own life and make their own decisions, so they aren’t going to set unfair rules or ultimatums — but they are going to mope around a bit when their jealous comes out.


This sign might not come across as possessive because they are so independent, but once they consider someone a close friend or a partner, their entire attitude will change. Capricorns couldn’t care less about what strangers think, but they care a ton about what their loved ones think. They want these people to feel valued and loved and supported, and they will try their hardest to make that a reality. Sometimes, they go too far in trying to protect others and end up acting possessive instead, but that’s not their intention. Of course, their intention doesn’t matter. The impact does.