Ron Lach

4 Zodiacs Who Are Ready To Be More Vulnerable In Dating


As a cardinal fire sign, Aries, you’re known for your tremendous gifts of initiation and intuitive action. In the past, when you’ve felt triggered, you’ve been prone to activating the fight response or becoming overly argumentative in an attempt to hide personal pain. The further you go down your life journey, the more you realize the gift that embracing vulnerability has on your experience of reality. As you strengthen in trust and self-respect, you naturally open the door to allowing others to see your pure heart. In your dating life, this may look like revealing how you feel in words, embracing a slow burn rather than short fling, and giving yourself permission to create dating goals and aspirations.


Known for being one of the most sensitive Zodiacs, Cancer, you’re deeply in touch with emotions and the unconscious. Your astute sensitivity is a gift, although it has likely led you to develop hardened walls of self-protection over time. You may find yourself hesitant to enter into new relationships or build walls that prevent full intimacy from blossoming. In this next chapter of your life, you’re recognizing the gift your sensitivity brings, and learning how to prioritize self-awareness and validation in order to express your natural talents and gifts more fully. Your vulnerability is a blessing, and one that leads to intensely fulfilling relationships when shared with the right people. 


Highly self-aware and responsible, Virgo, your effortless ability to see the fine details in life leads you to only wanting relationships with only select people, and rightfully so. As a sign devoted to healing, you recognize the strength of your own gifts. In dating and relationships, you’re learning what it means to be on the receiving end of love and service, as you may tend to be overly independent. Over time, you’re learning to let go of the need to constantly do everything, and open up to a positive relationship with your own vulnerability.


As a fixed water sign, Scorpio, you have a tendency to feel stuck in the past. When you feel hurt or insecure, your tendency is to lash personal pain onto others. It’s vital you learn how to prioritize personal transformation and celebrate unconditional self-love. In dating, you’re learning the outcome expressing vulnerable truths and desires has on relationships. It’s often harder for you to communicate from the place of a tender heart than it is to cover the truth with harsh fears and worries. Remember, life is happening through and for you. As you heal your attachment style and develop in self-responsibility, you become one of the most faithful and prized lovers around.