4 Zodiacs Who Cannot Stand Dating Apps
Lauren Rader

4 Zodiacs Who Cannot Stand Dating Apps (And Always Delete Them)

Some zodiacs are more comfortable flirting on dating apps than in person because there’s less pressure. It’s much more casual. However, other signs would rather flirt in real life. They would rather look their crush in the eye and feel that sexual tension face-to-face. Here are a few signs who honestly cannot stand dating apps:


Aries know that there’s a difference between someone who is good for you on paper and someone who is good for you in practice. Someone could say all the right things on a dating app, but that doesn’t mean that they’re a great fit. Aries would rather meet someone in person so they can test the chemistry, so they can make sure that this person can keep up with their banter and make them laugh. Plus, since Aries are so impulsive, they won’t want to spend weeks talking to someone over a dating app. They won’t want to waste time swiping through profiles and then never hear back from the person again. They would rather make a move in person. They are too impatient to wait for a response. They want one automatically.


Cancers are old fashioned. They like to do things the traditional way. Since they are romantics who believe in love at first sight, they want to have a meet cute with their future spouse. They want to lock eyes from across the room and strike up a conversation face-to-face. Dating apps are too intimidating to a Cancer. After all, they don’t like talking about themselves or showing themselves off, so they have a hard time coming up with a bio and pictures to post. Plus, they are only looking for something serious and feel like dating apps encourage you to talk to multiple people at once. But they only want one person at a time. They want a real commitment. They don’t want to play any games.


Geminis are social butterflies. They are always out having fun with friends on weekends, so they don’t have much time for dating apps. It’s easier for them to strike up a conversation with someone in person and see where it takes them. Besides, this sign can be indecisive, so it’s hard for them to pick who they like best when a dating app gives them a million different options. They aren’t great at answering messages either, so sometimes they forget that the dating app is even installed on their phone. Overall, it’s easier for them to talk to people in person – and they come across as much more charming in person, too.


Capricorns like to keep to themselves. The last thing they want is to have their phone blowing up with messages from strangers looking for small talk. Even though they dream of settling down with the love of their life, they would rather find that person out in the real world. They don’t want to treat their relationship like a job search. They already work hard enough. Besides, they can’t stand most people. Dating apps are more stressful than fun for them.