Brandon Woelfel

4 Zodiacs Who Deserve A Day Off This Week (September 11 – 17)

Sometimes the weekend just isn’t enough. You hope that those two precious days will somehow cure the exhaustion of the rest of the week, but they don’t. You’re still tired come Monday, you still don’t have the capacity to care about work or the people you come across throughout the day. If you’re one of these four zodiac signs, it might be time for an extra day off. Let’s hope you can get it.


You don’t really ask for days off. You go with the ones that you’re given. If you get paid holidays, you’ll accept them graciously and be grateful that you have them at all. The thing is, everyone needs extra time off sometimes. Maybe you have something going on in your life. Maybe you need a mental health day. Maybe you’re just tired. The reasons don’t actually matter. What matters is that you feel empowered enough to ask for it when you need it. This week is your opportunity to finally ask. You’ll never know unless you try.


You’re the type to squander your days off by always being the person your coworkers go to when they need someone to fill in for them. Any little bit of outside pressure has you folding when someone needs the “favor.” Or, if you do have days off, they often go toward helping friends move or watching your sibling’s kids while they do other things. While it’s noble to give your time to others, don’t forget yourself. This week, be a little selfish. Give your time to the number one person in your life: You.


It’s not always that you’re feeling particularly overworked. Sometimes you just want the day off. For you, it’s more about having an extra day of fun, of rest, of getting things done. Do you need the day off? Not necessarily. It’s not like anything pressing is happening this week. But wow, would you feel better overall if you could skip work or school and spend some time just vegging out. Imagine being at brunch with your best friends rather than sitting at a desk. Sounds nice, right? Now make it happen.


Babe, listen to your body. It’s exhausted. Listen to your mind. You’re ready to break. Workahaulism isn’t cute. All this time and energy and effort you’re giving isn’t being as appreciated as it deserves. Don’t let that voice in your head tell you that you’re a bad person for taking a day off. You’re not! Everyone needs time to themselves–especially when they’re having a hard time experiencing life through a lens that has nothing to to with work. Take this moment to find yourself again.