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4 Zodiacs Who Fall For People At The Wrong Time

Sometimes, wonderful people will enter your life at the worst possible time. Even though you might make a pretty good match, that doesn’t mean the relationship is meant to last. You might only be temporary players in each other’s worlds — and that’s not necessarily a bad thing even though it feels like it is. Here are some zodiacs who always fall for people at the wrong time:


You have good taste in partners. Usually, your relationships don’t end in fire and flames. You don’t end up having massive fights where you say nasty things to each other that you end up regretting. Most of the time, you slowly but surely start to understand that you aren’t meant to be together because you’re at separate stages in your life or want separate things or have circumstances outside of your relationship preventing you from becoming a forever couple. Your breakups are always painful, but they’re respectful. They end with you being thankful you met this person overall.


You have a hard time controlling your heart because it wants what it wants. And a lot of the time, it wants someone who is completely off limits. Maybe they’re already in a relationship. Maybe you’re just getting out of a bad relationship and need time to heal. Or maybe you’re both too busy to make time for each other. Either way, there always seems to be someone around who you’re never going to be able to make a relationship work with, even though you get along wonderfully and always have a great time together. It feels like the universe is always bringing you perfect people at the worst possible times, but you’re still happy you had the opportunity to meet them.


Aries, you’re impulsive so you don’t always stop and think before committing to someone. You let your passion guide you. Unfortunately, this means it’s common for you to end up in relationships with people who aren’t interested in the same type of lifestyle as you are. Once the puppy love phase dies down and you start talking seriously about the direction your relationship is going, you might realize that you want completely different things. Or you’re in completely different stages of your life. Either way, it seems like you’re always falling for fun, interesting people at the worst possible time. They’re not the problem and you’re not the problem. The timing is the problem.


You’re spontaneous and impulsive, so you find yourself falling for people without even realizing it. Before you know it, you have your heart set on making a relationship with this person work. However, you’re also pretty practical. You aren’t going to get involved with someone when you know it’s never going to work out in the end. You don’t want to put either of you through that type of misery. You always end up falling for wonderful people at the worst times, but you usually listen to your head over your heart. You usually do what makes the most sense on paper in the end.