4 Zodiacs Who Feel Awkward In Large Groups

4 Zodiacs Who Feel Awkward In Large Groups

Some zodiacs are the life of the party. The more people who are around to approach, the better. However, other zodiacs feel much more comfortable with a small group of close friends. They might even prefer talking one-on-one with no one else around to interrupt their conversations. Here are some of the zodiacs who usually feel pretty awkward and uncomfortable in large groups of people and prefer more intimate gatherings:


Taurus, you enjoy your comfort zone. You don’t want to break out of it, especially due to peer pressure, but that’s always what seems to happen in large groups. At parties, people will pressure you to play games you don’t want to play, or talk about topics you aren’t interested in discussing, and if you turn them down then you look like you aren’t any fun. You would much rather spend your time with a small group of people who value your opinion, who see you as your own person and not just another random face in the room. You aren’t really a people person, so you get drained making small talk with strangers. You would rather speak with people you know understand you, people you genuinely enjoy hanging around.


Virgo, once you get to know someone, you want to talk to them about anything and everything that’s going on in your world. You want to open up to them about your problems and accomplishments, your complaints and your crushes. But when a big group of people are engaged in the conversation, you aren’t comfortable sharing those things out loud. You aren’t going to tell the whole room about what’s going on in your life because it’s none of their business. Which is why large groups aren’t your cup of tea. You would rather have real, meaningful conversations with someone you trust than talk about surface level topics with a whole group of people. 


Capricorn, you can’t stand most people — but the people you love, you love with your whole heart. That’s why you would much rather hang out with one or two close friends in your own home than go out with a large group of people that you barely know. Although you’re usually pretty sure of yourself, you get uncomfortable when too many people are around, crowding you. You don’t want their judgement. You don’t want their attention. You would rather be alone than deal with the drama, tension, and awkwardness that comes with placing too many people in one space.


Even though everyone who meets you ends up loving you, you shine one-on-one. It gives you a chance to really show off your personality and have impactful conversations with another person. But when you’re in a group that’s too large, you start feeling awkward. You aren’t sure when to speak up. You aren’t sure how much or little to say. You always feel like you’re either undersharing or oversharing. It’s hard to strike the right balance when there are so many people. One of them is bound to get annoyed by you since you can’t please everyone — and that bothers you. You would rather hang out with a few people who adore you than a big group filled with people who might not really like you all that much.