4 Zodiacs Who Felt Like Failures This January
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4 Zodiacs Who Felt Like Failures This January

January wasn’t the easiest month for everyone in the zodiac. Some signs had a rougher time than others getting through the first weeks of this year — but just because January was hard doesn’t mean that the rest of the year is going to follow suit. Here are some zodiacs who felt like failures this January so you can remember that you’re not alone:


Sagittarius, you’re not used to feeling this way because you can usually figure things out. You’re usually fairly successful. So now that you’re struggling, you aren’t sure how to handle the situation. You feel powerless and hopeless — and although your feelings are valid, they are not reality. Your darkest thoughts are not true. You are more capable, strong, and talented than you’ve been telling yourself. Even though things might not have worked out the way you planned this month, it doesn’t mean the same is going to happen next month. This year can still be successful. You can’t give up on yourself. Rest if you need to rest, but then get back out there and win.


Libra, you’re usually a pretty optimistic sign and can bounce back fairly quickly from whatever life throws at you. But lately, you’ve been having a hard time processing everything that’s gone wrong and moving forward with hope. You’ve been in your feelings for most of the month — and that’s okay. Your negative emotions deserve to be expressed too. In order to heal and grow from your hard times, you have to go through these tough times first. Remember, it’s okay to be disappointed in yourself and frustrated with the length of your journey — but you’re doing your best. Maybe you aren’t proud of yourself today, but you should be. You’re doing so much better than you realize.


Leo, you’re an impatient sign, so it’s frustrating when you aren’t seeing results right away. But good things take time. A lot of time. More than weeks. More than months. Even though you feel like everything isn’t working out right now, it could work out in the end. You can’t give up on yourself now. You need to keep believing that you’ve got this. Don’t walk away from your big dreams because you’ve reached a few bumps along the road. This journey isn’t going to be easy for anyone, not even someone as strong and capable as you. So don’t beat yourself up. Don’t keep calling yourself a failure. You’re not. You’re simply learning and growing, like everybody else.


Even though you rarely compare yourself to others, you hold yourself to an extremely high standard. You always want to outperform the you from yesterday — but your best is going to look different on different days. You can’t always output the same amount. Some days are meant for resting and others are meant for productivity. Don’t fault yourself when you aren’t outdoing your past self. This isn’t a competition. Moving forward, try to be gentle with yourself because you’re not a failure. You’re not moving backwards. You’re progressing, even if you can’t see it.