4 Zodiacs Who Get Scared Away When You Move Too Fast
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4 Zodiacs Who Get Scared Away When You Move Too Fast

Some zodiacs are comfortable with moving at a fast pace in new relationships. But other signs need more time to adjust. They don’t want to rush into anything. They don’t want to commit too soon or get intimate before they’re one hundred percent sure it’s the right decision for them. Here are a few zodiacs who get scared away when you move too fast:


Taurus cannot handle too much change at once because it’s overwhelming. They want to ease into new relationships and get used to this person as a friend first. If you pressure them to move too fast in a romantic relationship, they are going to feel uncomfortable around you, and then a relationship is never going to last. A Taurus needs a partner who is patient, who accepts their boundaries and is okay with taking things slow. Trying to change their mind and convince them that they’re being overdramatic is a sign of disrespect. It’s proof that this person only cares about their own wants and needs – and that’s a red flag to any Taurus.


Geminis are social butterflies who can win over anyone they want, but they struggle when it comes to making a serious commitment. Since they are terrified of making the wrong choice and ruining their life (and the lives of those around them), they need a while to grow confident with their decision to settle down. They need to think things through. They need to move slowly. If you pressure them to move faster than they want, then they might consider the situation too stressful and leave. After all, they have plenty of other options. This isn’t their only shot at love.


Scorpios are extra protective of their hearts. They don’t want to get involved with the wrong person and end up nursing a broken heart for months to come. They prefer to play it safe, to get to know potential partners on a deeper level before making a serious commitment. If you pressure a Scorpio to move too fast, they are going to question your intentions. They are going to wonder whether you have an ulterior motive, whether you are trying to get something out of them. They will grow suspicious if you’re too pushy, which is why you need to give them space and time. Otherwise, they might shut down on you.


Aquarius are one of the most independent signs in the zodiac. They like to do their own thing on their own time. The thought of entering a relationship and changing the entire way they live their lives can be intimidating to them, which is why you need to stay patient. Give them a chance to get comfortable with the idea. If you’re too pushy about getting intimate or introducing them to your family or moving in together, then they might panic and run in the other direction. If you want to create a lifelong bond with them, you need to take things slow. Let them set the pace. And don’t guilt trip them over how much time it takes them to adjust.