4 Zodiacs Who Give The Most Heartfelt Advice
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4 Zodiacs Who Give The Most Heartfelt Advice

Certain zodiacs are better at giving advice than others. They always know the right words to say in order to comfort their loved ones and hype them up when they’re struggling. These signs genuinely care about the well-being of others, so they do whatever possible to help them through hard times. Here are the zodiacs who give the most heartfelt advice:


You’re a fixer, so whenever you hear that someone is struggling, your gut reaction is to try to come up with a solution to make life easier on them. Not everyone will want your help, but when they ask for it, you will be ready with heartfelt advice. After all, you are a problem solver. You’re creative enough to come up with ways to fix whatever has gone wrong, and you’re dedicated, so you aren’t going to give up when you hit a bump in the road. You are going to think outside of the box. You are going to help out your partners, friends, and family members, even if it becomes a major inconvenience for you. You care that much.


You’re able to put yourself into other people’s shoes, so you aren’t going to give them advice based on what would make you the happiest if you were in their situation. You are going to give them advice that works for them, personally. Everyone loves coming to you with their questions and concerns because you show genuine care for their situation and you actively listen when they speak. You aren’t nodding your head along, waiting for your turn to talk. You are remembering the little things that they say and you use those tidbits to come up with the perfect advice for them. When you offer your help to others, you’re trying your absolute best to guide them in a direction that will bring them the most happiness and comfort. You are genuinely trying to do the right thing.


You are one of the most selfless signs in the zodiac, so you are going to give advice that comes straight from the heart. You are going to lead your loved ones in the right direction, even if that means you might end up spending less time with them or guiding them toward a decision you are personally against. At the end of the day, you would rather have them make the choice that makes them the happiest than let your own emotions come into play. After all, this is their life. Not yours. You want them to feel fulfilled, so you will give them genuine advice based on what they want and what they need, not what you hope or expect from them.


You’re a social butterfly who always has wise words of advice for anyone who confides in you. You give the most genuine, heartfelt advice because you actively listen when others are speaking. You pick up on their body language in addition to the words that are coming out of their mouth, so you get a good sense of what they want, even when they don’t realize what they want. You aren’t afraid to speak your mind and say what others are too afraid to say, so you will give harsh advice when it’s needed. You will help push others in the right direction because you care about their well-being. You want them to be happy. And you will have hard conversations in order to make that a reality.