4 Zodiacs Who Have The Hardest Time With Breakups

4 Zodiacs Who Have The Hardest Time With Breakups


This sign hates change. They feel the most comfortable when they’re able to stick to a routine. When a piece of their life changes, they have trouble handling the aftermath. And breakups are one of the biggest changes they could go through. Not only are they losing a friend who would be there for them every single day, but they might also lose some mutual friends or a pet or their favorite hangout spot. Taurus have a hard time with breakups, even when they know their ex wasn’t the right person for them because they cannot stand change. They would rather remain in an uncomfortable situation that they’re familiar with than risk stepping into the unknown.


Capricorns don’t get attached to people easily. They are skeptics, so it’s rare for them to take a chance on love. When they actually decide to make a commitment, it’s because they have a feeling the relationship will last. They can picture spending forever with this person. And when that doesn’t happen, when their dreams are shattered, it’s hard for them to recover. They won’t let themselves fall in love again for a long time. They will stay single in order to save themselves from another heartbreak. Plus, Capricorns hate being wrong. They pride themselves on their intelligence so they feel foolish when they realize they’ve fallen for the wrong person. They feel like they should have known better and will beat themselves up over it.


Pisces are one of the most sensitive zodiac signs. They take everything to heart so when a relationship ends, they are going to wonder what they did wrong. They are going to stay up every night, replaying the past in their minds, trying to figure out where they went wrong. They won’t be able to stop thinking about their ex and the good times they shared. Even worse, they won’t be able to stop questioning what went wrong, why they aren’t good enough. Pisces are pessimists, so they will assume that they’re the reason the relationship fell apart. They will blame themselves for every problem. And it will be hard for them to picture another relationship working out in the future. They will mope around for weeks, or even months.  


Cancers are another sensitive sign. When they go through a breakup, they start thinking the worst about themselves. They start questioning their own worth and wondering whether anyone else is ever going to love them. All they want is to make others happy. When they aren’t able to do that successfully, they feel like they’ve failed. They feel like they’ve let the other person down. Cancers have a hard time letting go because they are fixers. They would rather try to repair the relationship than let their partner walk away. When they don’t have a choice in the matter and the other person leaves, they aren’t sure what to do. It can take them a long time to find closure and open up their hearts again.