Darya Sannikova

4 Zodiacs Who Have The Strongest Intuition


Gifted with passion and willpower, you have an ability to take intuitive action, Aries. You may not see yourself as being particularly intuitive, as physical intuition is not honored as openly as other forms of intuition in today’s society. You are here to pioneer your way through life. Although some steps may bring forth feelings of fear, regret, or remorse, when you feel called to take action, it’s likely for deeper reason. Your work is to live in personal integrity. One of the strongest gifts you bring to the world is the gift of your ability to take appropriate and bold action.


Connected to the unconscious domain, this list would not be complete without you, Cancer. Ruled by the moon, you’re known for your sensitive nature and have an ability to sense layers of reality beyond conscious observation. This sensitivity is a gift that requires work, time, and patience. As you make strides in personal growth, you become comfortable sitting in the unknown and in holding space for the many forms of intuition you’re capable of. 


A gifted visionary, your intuition shines forth by means of seeing and translating new paths forward, Aquarius. You rule over the Eleventh House, the house associated with the law of attraction and manifestation. Although insights may not always make logical sense, your work is to trust the process and take steps to remain true to yourself. Uranus, your planetary ruler, is the planet of radical inspiration and calls you to take appropriate action. Your intuition guides you to transform reality into a more healed and skillful version.


As the most spiritually-oriented sign, you love exploring consciousness and developing a deeper connection to the unknown, Pisces. You’re known for being a dreamer and are gifted with an intuition that allows you to decipher spiritual meaning. Others may not recognize how deeply intuitive you are, as you may have developed coping mechanisms that shut down forms of personal expression. You’re at your best when fully grounded, as this allows empathetic and psychic traits to present themselves from a place of sovereignty.