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4 Zodiacs Who Have To Escape Their Hometowns


No one embodies “Welcome To New York” vibes quite like a Sagittarius—ask Miss Swift herself. Not only does Sagittarius crave the kind of anonymity only a big city can offer, they need a romanticized, well-known stage on which they can reinvent themselves and live out all of their childhood fantasies. Everyone stereotypes Sagittarius as the traveler, the wanderer, forgetting that they are the sign that is the most young at heart. They are the kids who fell in love with Passport to Paris and just want their very adult chance to strut down a Parisian sidewalk quoting, “Bonjour, bonjour, bonjour. Oh my goddd.” Voracious readers, they want to stand and breathe in the very locations they’ve spent years imagining in their heads. They seek out knowledge and exposure and simply long to discover their full potential.


Not many people truly understand that Virgo doesn’t butt heads because they love conflict, they do it because they’re good at it and often just unluckily surrounded by people with opposing views. Part of Virgo’s growth and self-actualization journey is traveling to a new place far from their hometown and realizing there is a place where they actually fit in. Where their ideas are valued and echoed. Where they are a thorn in no one’s side. Where no one is asking them to stop stirring the pot and toe the line. A place where they come to the profound realization that they don’t have to be stuck in their hometown if they don’t want to be. That they have permission to leave any place or situation or relationship that is not bringing them joy or peace. That they’re not stuck with the cards they were dealt.


How do I say this politely? Casanova Scorpio needs variety. Everyone in their hometown has had a crush on them at some point, and it’s all just a little too easy for them. They’re not built to be a big fish in a small pond—they live for a challenge. So they need to go out into the world and explore all the different kinds of romance and partner dynamics they can find. They never limit themselves to one ‘type’ and find beauty in all different kinds of people. It’s almost impossible to predict who a Scorpio will set their sights on, but it’s absolutely a fun drinking game for their inner circle of friends to wager on. Scorpio is looking for a deeper connection that hinges on more than the coincidence of growing up in the same 20 mile radius. They want a true pairing of mind, body, and soul.


Capricorn holds such aggrandized aspirations that can only be realized at HQ itself. They work so hard, it would be impossible to limit themselves to the opportunities available in their hometown. They are modern creatures, pursuing careers and accomplishments that weren’t available when they were in grade school, let alone high school. If they want to be a part of the future, they have to seek out the companies and cities where it is being made. They’re not the type who can sit back and read the news, they need to participate in it themselves, get their hands dirty, and challenge themselves to the limits of their own ability. They’re the sign whose hometown is so proud of them when they come home to celebrate their success and speak at their school.