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4 Zodiacs Who Lie About Being Fine When They’re Secretly Upset

Some zodiacs will call you out the second you say something to upset them. Other signs are more hesitant about speaking their minds. They don’t want to cause drama, or maybe they feel like they don’t have a right to complain. Either way, here are a few zodiacs who will lie to their partner about being fine when they’re secretly upset:


This sign cannot stand confrontation. They will do whatever it takes to avoid an awkward conversation, even if it means lying to their person. They don’t have a high tolerance for drama, and they don’t like to take themselves too seriously. When they’re upset, they’ll pretend they’re fine and joke about the situation instead of being real with you. In fact, they would rather walk away from a relationship than get into a screaming match with their partner. They might even ghost without giving you a head’s up about why they’re leaving because they really don’t want to get into the details about why they’re upset.


Libras are peacekeepers. They care deeply about justice and cannot stand confrontation because they want everyone to get along. Libras never want to be the bearer of bad news and never want to make anyone feel bad. They want everyone to be happy, especially their partner. That’s why they might tell little white lies and fib about being fine when they’re secretly upset. They would rather deal with their problems silently than drag anyone else into the mix. They don’t feel the need to share when the truth will only cause pain. Even though they’re trying to make life easier for their person, they’re really causing cracks in the relationship by refusing to be honest.


Taurus can have self-esteem issues and are shy in certain social situations, so they won’t always feel comfortable speaking out about what they deserve. They don’t want to demand too much and come across as difficult. Since there are times when they feel like they haven’t earned the right to complain (which is never really true), they might keep their complaints to themselves. Unfortunately, this sign is capable of holding a grudge for a long period of time. Which means they could be upset with you over something that you didn’t even realize was bothering them. They could end up resenting you because you’ve never had a conversation about the matter.


Aquarius avoid drama at all costs. When they’re upset about a situation, they’ll completely shut down because they don’t want to share their feelings. They would rather go quiet and avoid conversation completely. This sign can come across as detached because they don’t love to talk about themselves. After all, they feel like they can handle themselves. They don’t need anyone else to help them through their struggles, so they don’t feel the need to share. However, it’s dangerous for them to keep their partner in the dark about their emotions. If they want the relationship to work, they need to take baby steps to feel more comfortable opening up.