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4 Zodiacs Who Make The Worst Secret Keepers

Some zodiacs are vaults. They aren’t going to spill secrets, no matter how much someone begs. Other zodiacs have trouble keeping their lips sealed. Even though they try their hardest to be a good friend, they won’t always keep your secrets to themselves. Here are some signs that you should think twice about revealing your deepest, darkest secrets to:


Geminis are social butterflies. They speak about whatever is on their mind without running it through a filter first. Even though they won’t mean to betray you, your secrets aren’t safe with them. They might end up blurting out something that you don’t want the world to know without even recognizing what they’ve done wrong. After all, they’re an open book, so they might not realize that you feel differently, that you wanted your secrets to be kept secret. Geminis make wonderful friends, but if you want your secrets to stay on the down low, you probably shouldn’t risk telling them.


Aries are impulsive. They don’t always think through the consequence of their actions because they listen to their guts over their heads. This sign might speak without realizing how much damage they’re able to do with their words alone. Plus, if they get angry with you and feel like you have betrayed them, they might lash out and spread your secrets intentionally. They won’t care who hears because they won’t care about hurting you in the moment. Of course, once they cool down and forgive you, they’re going to feel horrible about what they’ve done. They’ll do whatever they can to make it up to you, even though they can’t take back their words. What’s done is done.


This sign is incredibly honest. They don’t like to lie and will always tell the truth, even when it hurts. Even though the fact that they don’t keep secrets is a positive thing when it comes to getting to know them and seeing their authentic self, it sucks when they’re revealing someone else’s secrets. They aren’t trying to hurt anyone by putting the truth out in the open. They simply don’t see the point in lying. Even if they tried to lie, everyone would see right through their act. They wouldn’t be able to get away with their false claims because the truth would be written all over their face.


This sign cares a little too much. They want everyone to be happy and get along. However, sometimes, they end up getting involved in other people’s drama because they cannot stand on the sidelines and stay silent. If they feel like one of their friends is being treated unfairly by another friend, they will get in the middle and try to clear the air. Even though they think they’re helping and protecting their friends by letting them know what others are saying behind their back, this can backfire. It can end up with everyone mad at the Pisces since they are the one revealing everyone’s secrets when they didn’t even need to be involved.