4 Zodiacs Who Might Have Been Flirting With You (And You Didn’t Even Realize)

4 Zodiacs Who Might Have Been Flirting With You (And You Didn’t Even Realize)

Some zodiac signs are expert flirts. Other signs have some trouble when it comes to love. Here are some zodiacs who might have been flirting with you – but you never realized it:


When this sign likes you, they might accidentally be mean to you. However, they’re only trying to playfully tease you because they are uncomfortable being straightforward about their feelings. Even though this sign is blunt in every other area of their life, they won’t always come right out and say that they like you. They’re going to joke around with you and banter with you because that’s their way of flirting. Even though they think their intentions are completely clear, they can cause a ton of confusion. You might think that they hate you, when really, they’ve been trying hard to impress you.


Cancers are incredibly sweet – but that can be confusing in the dating world. Since they’re so nice, you might mistake their flirting for friendship. You might assume that they’re only interested in a platonic relationship because they’ll never put you on the spot by asking you out. Cancers don’t want to make you uncomfortable by admitting their feelings or saying anything inappropriate, so they’ll keep their feelings to themselves. They’re going to keep being nice to you and hope you get the hint that they want to date you. They aren’t going to make the first move. Even if they are brave and shoot their shot, you still might mistake their kindness for acts of friendship. They’re never clear enough about what they want from you, which can cause you to misunderstand their sweet gestures.


This sign is a huge flirt. They will sweet talk everyone they meet – which can be a problem. Since you see how well Libras treat everyone else, you won’t think that your relationship with them is special. You’ll assume you’re being treated exactly the same as everyone else and that you mean nothing to them. Since Libras see the best in everyone, they are always going to have nice things to say. They are always going to make the other people in the room feel special. You’ll have trouble telling whether the compliments they give you hold extra meaning or whether you’re simply another stranger that they’re being nice to because it’s in their nature.


This sign overthinks. They want to say the right thing to you, so their conversations with you might feel stiff and awkward. This isn’t because they want you to leave them alone. It’s because they’re trying hard to come up with the right thing to say. Virgos are also practical. Their idea of romance isn’t buying someone flowers and chocolates. It’s helping them with their homework or chores. You might think that a Virgo is offering to help you because you look like you’re struggling, but it might really be their way of saying they care about you. Sometimes, it’s hard to read them because they have a different idea of romance than most other people.