4 Zodiacs Who Might Run Away When The Relationship Gets Serious

4 Zodiacs Who Might Run Away When The Relationship Gets Serious

Some zodiac signs are scared to let themselves love. They don’t want to get too attached to another person because they could end up getting hurt. Here are a few zodiac signs who might run away, even when they really like you because they’re scared of what a real relationship entails:


This sign is a romantic, so it might surprise you that serious relationships can scare them senseless. They have an intense fear of missing out so they don’t want to end up with the wrong partner. This sign is friendly and can get along with everyone, so they know they have options. They’re worried they will pick the wrong person and miss out on a beautiful love story with someone better suited for them. Although Libras dream of wining and dining with their one true soulmate, they are scared of rushing into the wrong relationship They are nervous about setting down roots in the wrong place because they want to give themselves space to thrive.


This sign can switch from being devoted to distant in a flash. They commonly send mixed signals because they aren’t even sure what they want. They don’t want to send you the wrong signals and then end up breaking your heart, but their mind changes based on the day. One moment, they might feel like you’re the person they’re meant to spend forever alongside. The next moment, doubt might creep in and convince them that they’re better off exploring he world alone for a while longer. When relationships start getting serious, this sign panics. They don’t want to end up with the wrong person, or give someone the wrong idea. Sometimes, it’s easier for them to flee than figure out their own feelings.


This sign can come across as mysterious and secretive because they keep their heart guarded. They are discreet about their feelings because they are terrified of getting hurt again. Although they act fearless, they keep others at an arm’s length in order to stop themselves from falling hard and ended up brokenhearted. This sign doesn’t need anyone else’s approval, so they are perfectly happy on their own. They don’t need a partner to feel fulfilled. Once they get into a committed relationship, they will remain loyal, but they won’t always want to take such an official step. They might run away to save themselves.


This sign enjoys their freedom. They don’t want to be tied down because they want to make their own decisions. When a relationship starts to get serious, they might panic because they’re scared of things changing. They don’t want to lose their independence. They don’t want to tether themselves to a single place or person. Even though this sign is incredibly passionate and loves with all their heart, they might break their own heart by ending a relationship before it gets too serious. They think they’re protecting themselves by isolating themselves. They think they’re getting out before it’s too late, when really, feelings are already involved.