4 Zodiacs Who Need A Major Life Change This Week (March 27 – April 2)

You’re stuck. You’re unhappy. You worry that you’ll never make it out of this bad situation. It could be a shitty job or an unhappy relationship. Maybe you just feel stagnant in life. For these four zodiac signs, you’ll be needing a major life change more than ever. Now’s the time to go for it.


Some might be surprised to find Aries on this list. Usually you go for what you want. If you’re unhappy, you’ll change it. That’s the vibe you give off, anyway, but we both know you aren’t as superhuman as you seem. You’ve been struggling with something lately, and the odds are good that it’s something internal. There’s been something bothering you, a little nugget of low self-esteem that’s been holding steady for ages. You’re normally good at ignoring it, but right now the universe is telling you to work on it. Change your life in such a way that all those insecurities and self-sabotages falls away.


Most of your life is totally fine right now, but there’s that one little thing that’s just bothering you. It could be a toxic friend or a job so soul-sucking that you find yourself crying in the bathroom during most shifts. What started as a small thing has now ballooned into a problem that feels bigger than yourself. Ignoring it won’t make it go away, Libra. No one else can solve this problem but you, and it’ll probably take a major life change in order to do it. While it seems scary, you’ll be better off once you take that first big step.


Despite your desire to get things done, most of your productivity journey is propelling you along a path you laid out for yourself a long time ago. The idea of diverting from that path makes you feel itchy. Unfortunately, sometimes the long-term goals we set turn out not to be the right moves for us. We grow and change, and so do our desires. Have you evaluated how you feel about your five-year plan lately? Are you working to get there because you actually want to, still, or because that’s just what you’ve been working toward for so long? The answer might mean it’s time for a major life change.


When you have your head down, working long hours on the things you love, you don’t always notice the world changing around you. Friendships might die away if you’re not actively keeping up with them, or partners might become dissatisfied with always coming in second to your projects. When’s the last time you stopped and evaluated things beyond what’s right in front of you? You might find that the world is looking a little darker than you thought, and you might have to make some big changes to make it bright again.