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4 Zodiacs Who Need A Phone-Free Vacation


Social interaction, being chatty, and being involved in everything are all traits that Geminis must bear the burden of.  Geminis tend to communicate with everything and everyone and can get even the most introverted and soft-spoken individual to open up. However, the gift of gab can sometimes overwhelm Geminis and lead to a little burnout. Being constantly in the know of everything and carrying conversations is tough! Because of this, Geminis can benefit from taking a vacation and leaving their phone in the hotel or Airbnb. This will give the garrulous Gemini a chance to be present and really take in all the world has to offer. I promise you will get caught up on everything you missed when you return, but remember to enjoy the world’s beauty beyond the phone screen, too. 


As a Leo, you love the spotlight and being the center of attention. The instant gratification social media provides is the dopamine you need to get through the day, and endless scrolling will get the better of you sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with using social media as your personal highlight reel and staying up to date on the trends, but it is a slippery slope to losing your beloved sense of self. Turn your phone on airplane mode and explore a big city and all it offers. You can still take pictures of everything for your perfectly curated Instagram account but post them later. Besides, being missed is a great feeling, so leaving your followers to wonder where you’re galavanting off to just means more likes and engagement when you get back to posting. 


A Sagittarius has such a penchant for seeking knowledge and new experiences that travel is a no-brainer for them. One thing about a Sagittarius is that they don’t want to be bored or tied down, but being nose to phone for hours a day is chaining you down in ways you don’t realize. Are you really taking in a new experience if you’re researching the next thing on your list? Embrace a little nomadic life and quench your thirst for adventure, Sagittarius. Just do it without the smartphone glued to your hand. 


Aquarians love to be alone just as much as they love being involved in something meaningful. Your phone is a gateway to all the social issues you’re invested in and to more creative ideas, but it’s also distracting and stifling your innovative desires. Your work and passion suffer because you’re searching for inspiration from a small screen instead of taking in the beauty of the world around you. So, pack what you need, put your phone in the glove box, and wonder what the world offers you.