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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Get Out Of Their Comfort Zones This Weekend (Feb 17-19)

We’re still in the dead of winter for us Northern Hemisphere girlies, and everything feels a little too quiet and too sad. Rather than spending yet another weekend curled up in a wad of blankets while binging your favorite show for the tenth time, this is the perfect moment for these four zodiac signs to get out of their comfort zones. Make this otherwise generic weekend something special. You’ve got this.


There are moments when you’re living your life more inside your head than outside of it. You get caught up in your thoughts and feelings, and you’ll turn into a hermit while you’re doing so. The fantasies you can cook up in your mind are a lot more interesting than anything goin on in real life. This is one of those times. Although it’s a lot easier to just go with that feeling, to lean into being consumed by your thoughts, that’s not always the healthy or smart choice. This weekend, as you feel the pull to go back to your couch potato routine, rebel against it. There are probably friends you could see, plans that you could finally say “yes” to. Heck, you could even set up a date from an app. Either way, it’s time to step out of your internal world and into the world of the living.


You find a lot of comfort in a regimented routine. And it works for you! You’re great at getting things done, and that often creeps from your workweek into your weekend. How can you do anything fun when you have so much already on your to-do list? While you may not want to admit it, you know how important it is to take a break. And considering that you’ve been feeling pretty burnt out lately, now’s the time. So put away that comforting to-do list and do something spontaneous instead. Call a friend and ask them what they want to do, then go along with their suggestion. Promise yourself that you won’t take over the planning. It’ll be difficult, but so worth it.


You’re royalty when it comes to the comfort zone. That’s where you live. If it was a city, you’d be the mayor. Your comfort zone isn’t just your own little personal space at home, but is also in locking away your deepest thoughts away from others. There’s a little part of you that wishes you weren’t so closed-off. Rather than retreating to your den this weekend, take a step away. Lower your walls just a little bit and have a deep conversation with a friend. Go to a party. Attend a brunch date with a big group of friends, even if you only know one or two of them. I promise this’ll be good for you. And you can always go back to your comfort zone next weekend.


Sure, you have a comfort zone. Everyone does. But unlike some zodiac signs, you don’t really think it’s holding you back. What’s wrong with having your routine? Or staying home? Nothing. The only downside for you, Aquarius, is that your friends and family might be starting to worry about you or assuming that you don’t want to see them. Because that’s the real casualty when it comes to your comfort zone: You tend to go extended periods without socializing with anyone. This weekend, make an effort to show the important people in your life that you still exist and you still care about them.