4 Zodiacs Who Need To Guard Their Hearts This Christmas

There’s something about the holiday season that makes everyone’s feelings a little more emotionally charged. The days are shorter, we get in our heads, and it can be hard to turn off bad thoughts. But some zodiac signs are a lot more likely to spend their Christmases with their feelings hurt than others. Are you one of these zodiac signs who’ll be extra sensitive for Christmas?


You love freely and often. When you have a crush, you have a hard time taking it slow and will usually say something immediately. While you normally heal from heartbreak super quickly, that’s less the case right now. If the holidays have been especially tough for you, you might want to hold off on making any romantic moves until after the new year. Asking out your crush on Christmas Day, while sounding romantic, may just end up with you laying on the couch all day feeling bad about yourself while everyone gleefully opens presents around you. Listen to your more-sensitive-than-normal emotions and take it easy on the big moves.


It’s easy to stubbornly say that your family’s opinions don’t affect you, but if you’re super honest with yourself, that’s not really the case. You’re just good at hiding it. This Christmas, every little dig and jab from your relatives will get to you so that, by the end of the day, you feel like you’ve been poked all over. It’s tiring dealing with everyone’s judgment of your career or your love life or your lack of children. Know that it’s perfectly okay to take a break and hide out in the bathroom for a while. Family can be exhausting.


You’ve done a good job of curating a great inner circle of close friends. They’re basically your chosen family. Unfortunately, you might have to see the literal family you were born with for Christmas, rather than the ones you actually like spending time with. Like Taurus, it’s going to be difficult to deal with criticism from your parents, aunts, and uncles. If need be, you can always text your group chat for a little emotional boost. Sometimes its our friends that help us guard our heart when we don’t have the energy to do it ourselves.


You’re tired. You’ve been working so hard all year, so spending the holiday with family might not feel like the day off that it should. You’ll still feel fried which means you’re not going to be as easy-going as you might hope. One wrong word and you might just break. Nothing like crying on Christmas to remind you that you’re alive. Just remember that it’s okay to have feelings–this is nothing to be ashamed of. If you need to, you can always leave early. A short visit is better than none at all and anyone who cares about your feelings will understand that you need a break.