4 Zodiacs Who Prefer Pizza Dates At Home To Parties And Restaurants

4 Zodiacs Who Prefer Pizza Dates At Home To Crowded Parties And Restaurants

Some zodiacs want to be whisked away to fancy restaurants and get spoiled where everyone else can watch. Other zodiacs prefer staying home and keeping to themselves. They don’t want to be surrounded by other people. They only want to be with their partner. Here are a few zodiacs who would rather stay home and eat pizza than head to a crowded restaurant on date night:


Taurus never feel comfortable in unfamiliar situations. They don’t want to be surrounded by strangers, especially when they’re forced to step out of their comfort zone and make small talk. They would much rather spend quality time with their partner and engage in deep, meaningful, one-on-one conversations. This sign doesn’t mind routine, so they aren’t going to get bored by staying in for long periods of time or repeating the same date ideas every weekend. In fact, the consistency will actually make them feel more comfortable and secure. Overall, their idea of romance isn’t going on a spontaneous getaway. It’s spending time with someone they love in a home they love.  


Capricorns are homebodies. They take good care of their homes and apartments, so their living space becomes a safe haven for them, a place where they want to spend all of their time. They don’t need to be surrounded by people in order to enjoy themselves. In fact, they prefer peace and quiet. Not to mention, they dislike most people, so they don’t want to be surrounded by strangers. They would rather have their space. Having a romantic, homemade dinner and then watching a movie on the couch appeals to them more than spending money at a noisy restaurant or being stuffed into a crowded theater.


Cancers are protective—and at times, jealous—of their loved ones. They want to have their person all to themselves. That’s why they prefer to stay inside and hang out one-on-one than go out with a group of people who are going to be taking attention away from them. They want to have the chance to talk to this person privately and have real, meaningful conversations. Plus, they can act self-conscious around new people. They feel more comfortable when they’re with someone they love and trust. They can be their real selves when they’re hanging out in private, but they might hold themselves back in public. They simply do better in small groups and one-on-one conversations.


Scorpios come across as mysterious because they don’t like letting down their walls. They keep to themselves, emotionally and physically. They are private creatures, so they don’t need the world knowing every detail of their relationship. They don’t need to show off how in love they are. As long as they’re happy, that’s all that matters. They are perfectly fine with spoiling their person behind closed doors, where no one else can see them. In fact, they would much rather hang out in the privacy of their own home so they don’t have to worry about anyone interrupting them or judging them. Scorpios feel much safer and in control when they’re on their own turf.