4 Zodiacs who want to be left alone when they’re heartbroken
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4 Zodiacs Who Want To Be Left Alone When They’re Heartbroken

When you’re hurting, you might want to be surrounded by people you love so that you can get encouragement and hugs. Or you might prefer to be left alone so you can shed tears without anyone watching, and so you don’t have to pretend everything is okay when that’s far from the truth. Here are the zodiacs who want to be left alone when they’re heartbroken, at least at first:


When you’re struggling, all you want is space. Time to process what you went through so you can grieve in peace. Although you are wise enough to realize there’s nothing weak about shedding some tears, that doesn’t mean you want to give others a front row seat to the show. You would rather weep behind closed doors, then compose yourself before getting back out in the world. You appreciate anyone who wants to offer you hugs and condolences, but you don’t want any of it. At least, not early on when the heartbreak is fresh. You want to bask in your misery alone. You’ll come out when you’re feeling better.


You are going to feel extra emotional after a breakup, which is why you would rather be left alone for a while. You don’t want to end up snapping at people who don’t deserve it because you’re in such a terrible mood. You don’t want to cause any extra drama. You just want to be left alone so you can tackle your heartbreak on your own. You don’t need anyone trying to cheer you up, because quite frankly, nothing is going to cheer you up. Sometimes, you don’t need to be told about silver linings. You need to cry and scream into your pillowcase and rant to yourself. You need to get the sadness out of your system before you’re ready to think about your heartbreak in a positive light.


You want to be left alone when you’re heartbroken because you want to process your feelings on your own schedule. You don’t want anyone pushing you to open up about things you aren’t ready to discuss yet, and you don’t want anyone directing their pity toward you. Even though heartbreak sucks, you know that you are going to get through it. You trust that you are going to come out even stronger. But in the meantime, while you’re struggling, you don’t need extra eyes on you. You would rather be alone in bed where you can cry in peace than have people constantly questioning whether you’re okay. You’re not okay. But you’re going to be.


You want to be left alone when you’re heartbroken because you’re embarrassed by your feelings. Even though you have nothing to feel ashamed about, that doesn’t stop you from feeling silly for falling so hard for this person and for being so surprised by losing this person. While there will be a time when you want to talk about your feelings with friends and give them all the juicy details, those feelings are too raw when you’re dealing with fresh heartbreak. When you’ve just gone through a breakup, you would rather be left alone. You need time to accept what has happened before you discuss what has happened.