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4 Zodiacs Who Will Be The Most Impacted By Tonight’s Full Moon In Cancer

The Full Moon will enter the sign of Cancer on January 6th 2023. Cardinal Signs (Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and Aries) are in for a lot of responsibilities but will be accepting of this energy since the last several months may have felt like their ambitious side has been dormant. There is a need for balance with home, career, relationships, and the self. The energy that ignites their passion fuels them to succeed and will give them the motivation to keep pursuing their dreams. Check all Cardinal placements in your chart to see where the energy will be felt.


The Full Moon in your sign is encouraging you to close cycles and rediscover a love language within yourself. It is your time to put the focus back on you and acknowledge your sense of strength. With this transit, you could see a lot of motivation in the career sector. At times you could feel unstoppable and with more direction. The Cardinal energy in the works will help you set some good and clear goals for the year. However, Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Capricorn could present some people from the past that could come back to stir the pot. Nevertheless, you can navigate the surprises with ease as you are immersed in rebuilding and empowering yourself.


An awakening could be felt with this transit as you put the pedal to the metal with your career prospects. There is a lot of relationship energy in the works for you as well, but because of the retrograde, it could have you romanticizing the past, even with relationships that did not serve you. With this Full Moon in Cancer, you are shown where to shift your energy. Learning to prioritize your independence and channeling your focus on fruitful projects will be a focus now. A period of a new understanding of your personal needs can allow you to feel more in command of the relationships you engage in for the future and give you the confidence to lead in career settings.


You are one of the power players in this Full Moon in Cancer transit, since this is all happening in your season. Capricorns are thriving with this energy, even if it may feel challenging since you are going to go through different flows of emotions. It is tempting now to reminisce on previous relationships and even reconsider some of your past choices. However, the Mercury Retrograde in your sign could allow you to focus on moving forward as the planet backtracks to give you insight and then goes direct to solidify those choices. With this Full Moon, you are reminded that it is okay to feel, to reminisce, and to want to forgive. However, make sure not to repeat the same patterns. Remember to focus on your power, feel confident in your decisions, and continue never backing down.


It is your time to create the new rules for the game. Preparation will be your focus now since you are more careful with the responsibilities thrown your way. Taking apart a lot of your old philosophies that were not working for you before and reconstructing them helps to give you some guidance in the direction you want to push ahead. The Full Moon will allow you to take time for yourself to reflect, heal from the comfort of your home, and awaken that fire within. You are prepared to set new goals, use your planner, and embark on the road ahead. Although you could feel some pressure coming from your career, you know how to utilize your energy to reclaim control, succeed, and let others know that you are here to win.