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4 Zodiacs Who Will Be The Most Impacted When Mars Goes Direct This Week

Mutable signs have felt the impact of the Mars in Gemini transit. The planet has been retrograde for a few months and will go direct on January 12th, 2023. We have collectively felt the impact of this transit as we have seen it mostly in the communication and travel industries. Mars sprinkled in some chaos, but we have learned to be victorious. Signs impacted by Mars Direct are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. These signs have experienced growth and understanding for the last four months. See how this planet going direct will impact your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign.


Having the planet of war in your sign may have made you feel more overwhelmed, anxious, and frustrated for the last four months. It is a transit that involves reflection and understanding of how you work under pressure. Mars could be relentless at times but there are lessons to learn regarding where we need to channel that intense energy. You may have developed new fruitful habits that will allow you to become more of a go-getter in the future. You have also felt your overall strength and courage to get stronger. With this transit comes more responsibilities and patience regarding how we react to others. Keep calm and play it cool, Gemini.


Success and hard work are themes associated with this transit. Mars retrograde may have had you packed with many responsibilities and a need for balance was essential at the time. However, now that the planet is stationing direct, you feel more comfortable with work or school-related things. There is a new ambitious side to you and others may have noticed your increased confidence. With Saturn still in Aquarius, you would have applied how creating structure has allowed you to elevate and go after what you want. The transformative energy linked to these transits has allowed you to trust yourself better and to silence your inner critic. 


This could have felt similar to the Venus Retrograde transit back in 2020. However, now you feel much more empowered to cut the cord and focus more on what you need for yourself. Independence has been essential during this transit as you have fought for what you want and have endured with courage. Saturn has allowed you to become more disciplined while the energy from Mars made you feel doubtful but overall prepared to tackle challenges that have been thrown your way. You are not one to tolerate anything in relationships now, you are going in knowing what you want.


Becoming more comfortable with discussing your needs and wants has become essential during this transit. The Mars energy allows you to plan forward without feeling bashful. You know what it is like to balance the internal with the external, and now that the planet is stationing direct, you are ready to take your next steps. With this new and renowned sense of confidence, embarking on your path to happiness becomes a focus. You have done the work and now you are ready to unwind and bring more calming and relaxing energy into your world.